Why did you take so long on this Christmas?

Inspired by
“I felt overstuffed and dull and disappointed, the way I always do the day after Christmas, as if whatever it was the pine boughs and the candles and the silver and gilt-ribboned presents and the birch-log fires and the Christmas turkey and the carols at the piano promised never came to pass.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar
Mason Jar
the tree, sparkling lights that i envy
i would like that glow comes from me, to divide
so i envy …. the silver, the english porcelain, the crystal cups
all that things we can buy

all the things that has brightness

the food, so perfectly on the table
with exquisite scents
all so , aligned ~ all that i did~
all people so satisfied

And i was screaming inside

looking for something warm
to supporting me in my fake laugh
when the time of the gifts come

At the end of all ~ardent night~
like a surviving in a wreck
he send to me a letter
but was not more time to shine
i simply died….


2 thoughts on “Why did you take so long on this Christmas?

  1. Excellent. I can see you are inspired by Plath in this one, and hers is a great quote. This poem, it really really speaks to me. I feel you.


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