The woman from the cold wind


blues eyes, green eyes
have so long that a cold wind frozen your face and closed your smiles

that i cant recognize you anymore

wide lips , wide laughs and sonorous

have so long you do not lose yourself~ away~
~like always we did ~remember?

 i cant hear you anymore

but i understand …

was something keen~ pointed~

snowy your soul ~white white ~

~inverno Janeso much pain in that color ~

 blowed and taking you along and alone

~petrifying you with all yours virtues~


and i , here, so lonely wondering….

where is the  hybrid  eyes~ the lips  and the laughs~

when the time changed and ask for….

Oh! You are the same You know?

Was just a frozen cold wind that passed by there…..

a winter in your soul

but finally

 blue and green eyes unfrozen again ….

To my Friend Jane Freitag Braun.

9 thoughts on “The woman from the cold wind

  1. I haven’t been here for awhile now, but every time I am, you surprise me with your keen sense of words.Colors, frozen..eyes..the familiar feeling. This frozen soul speaks to me somehow, and although I can fell the pain, the end gives me hope. As always, this sense of emotion brings so much alternating pictures in my head.


  2. Wow… how you are gentle with me….When i write a poem it always comes from a image, a picture…that in try put in words…can be a move, a drip, a kiss….Thanks you so much for your comment…made me smile….a big one….


      • Wow……no, two wows !! Firstly, you are the first person I have spoken to in my comments from Brazil. Do you love it there? I love Spain !! And secondly, is that your best friend is coming to stay with you. I am so sorry to hear that she is unhappy, but I am sure she will cheer up seeing you again. xox


  3. Yes i love Brazil…. Has sun all year,,, a good place to live…has freedom too….
    Yes, she is unhappy a little because she is from here…and there has not sun and tough to make friends…not like here…. So she is coming to stay with me after long time….I am happy too. To talk with you….Thanks so much for your comments and i see that you received a lot of cards is not…Valentine Day????? Happy man…


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