Cooking for you – day 4 napowrimo

cooking is love made visible

if I had to cooking for you
first I have to think of you

and make you special to me

but damn….expectations….

you will be my first special dish
in years…..

I would not get through the kitchen
there….oh! Just an excuse….

but i’ll be at the dining room
waiting for you….

i would open the door

with snacks and wine and one heart so tight

and a breath so contain displayed on my face

that you’ll smile….

and introduced you in my life….
and a beautiful table to delight

two candles, the old china
two glasses of wine

~ could be a Chablis~
the only one I like
as you i think….

I would ask you to choose the music
and maybe we dance

in a trance….

one of the 70 or 80


i dont know if is because you are so close to me

your scent… all is new in you…

i’ll poured so much salt,

because you are so beautiful on this suit
that the shrimp, will be cremated

i dont know….

better we dance and enjoy

this smoke…. could be our mist
fogged eyes, cold hands, touching for the first time
beating heart, blush on my face….


love for tonight it is not so bad is not?
salted and burned
not…not so bad

23 thoughts on “Cooking for you – day 4 napowrimo

  1. Nicely put. I’ve always considered it an act of love to cook for someone (and she’s looking over my shoulder with some delicious Brie for me right now, so I am truly loved).


  2. Sated and still desiring more of each meal cooked by you… for me my heart’s desire… lightly toasted with caramel fringes from your flames of love


  3. Hi Mirna 😀 I just love your poetry and this one is well done …… not medium rare, or rare,, but well done 😉 Have a lovely weekend my friend. Ralph xox 😀 ❤


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