The wood

~he took me to wander into dark night~
i thought…one more effort….

along the way he asked me
thou hast innocent eyes?

in silent walking… the rustle of my petticoats announcing

still…leading me to wander into a dark wood
despite all dangerous signs

along the way he asked me
thou hast hidden desires?

in silent i was

yes…hidden desires…

but the treacherous moon arises

catching me in surprise
a glimpse of me appears

bringing light to his blurry eyes….

astonishment and fright

in both hearts….

touching the blue vein with smooth fingers
a delight  ~finishing my pain~floresta negra

drowning an endless thirst
no time for answers still

my fangs, hands, body on him
Muscle stiffness ~deep breath~


let me finish with you quickly
thou  need that and i too

~he took me to wander into dark night~

13 thoughts on “The wood

  1. Hi, Poetheart Alligator!! I don’t know about the “hasts” (obsolete), and why you would choose to use them. I suppose you wanted to “date” the doings here. But it was wondrous nonetheless!!


  2. Mirna, this poem sustains a type of dynamic tension I have not seen in your earlier efforts. This is a very accomplished composition. Congratulations!-Misha Allport-Fortaleza, Brasil

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Misha… dont take me to wonder in a dark night…. Thank you so much….Now i am thinking about this poem…. I dont remember the inspiration…. I think my silly imagination… Kisses my friend


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