Rain!!! 1 day naprowrimo

raining in the bedyou’re my rain
that rained in so many places before
until reach me
you soaked, sowed and reaped
but now you’re my rain
that will watering me every night
and mix your waters in my
a little pain, a little love
balanced during the day
but when the night comes
and you guess ~your hands between my legs~
water’s hands soft and warm
what storms that we may be
below and above

10 thoughts on “Rain!!! 1 day naprowrimo

  1. My darling Mirna…so your world will know that I am your rain… and you are my flower…. my nourishment to you is only a small amount compared to the beauty that you bring to me in my world.

    I Love you Mirna… with all of my heart… and my soul… more than mere words are able to convey… and I honor you for the love you have given to me to call my own… kisses my darling lover… many … and all of them wet…


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