The White Rose

once i thought i was a flower
diaphanous  petals sheer ~ i chose  to be  one Beautiful Day with flowers 2!!!! Rose~
just because i brought one to home



was not my  and was not given to me
even in that way
once  ~i thought i was a rose~

i placed her on my cup
and She lasted only two days
and i did not understand….



how i could last for so so short time
~and that day i died a little~
and i still continue to die

the fragrancy, the texture, the color
the shadows…  they  are in my life

shuffled like cards and  falling down


but i know i am not that rose ~  I always knew~
i have not that rouge center
and all petals spread out for anyone to  see

that absorb and absorb
i am not  so white…..


The Winch!

Mirna winch

This time …. it has been hard
my inspiration left me naked
and I just write nonsense
It is a kind of silent’s punishment
my mind and soul just stopped
i think definitely …..

then I wonder … if I may ….
Since when my soul   is solidary  with my mind ? ?

they are opposite…. But now

just to mess with me …..
and they took  the heart too … poor heart….was also attacked ….
unfeeling heart … since when?
Since the beginning of the plot ….
i turn over myself
I get  sick …. cough , sneeze , have fever




I look at the ceiling ~desperately~

when all is lost



it’s true …. nothing gives me more inspiration than looking at the ceiling

mine is full of stars , planets , all blue , fluorescent ….
I pray to Sylvia , Dylan , Robert , Carlos
nothing ….. NOTHING!!!!
and I need to write …. they are crucifying me
They  have called me a winch  and this is bothering me
what kind of person is a winch ? ? ?
Surely not I


Anyway i am going…GOING…..before i lose the rest of my good mood
and tell all the story
Laying down on my bed looking my stars…..I never give up….
One day i’ll go back….body, mind and soul and finishes this conspiracy  at once….
meanwhile……I am a winch……

Arrivals and Departures

arrivals and departures~ In the Departure Area~

i have a lot of goodbyes to do
so i have to put them all in a yellow pile

~ to simplify~

filling the space ~once so empty~
with a thousands of beckon and kisses


flying …flying in the air

until all that remains on me

will be a weariness to say goodbye


~In the Arrival Area ~

I have a package to finish too
has so many ribbons ~ ones over the others~
and a paper so bright,~ red and green~

ribbons…ribbons… lying down over the surprise
~cosmics~ and so perfectly rounded at the ends
filling the spaces once so empty

we are going filled of blue air
and something on my bosom that violently beats

I have a Dom Quixote to meet
and one Shakespeare to listen
i’ll not carry any armour or any book

just a heart that was only mine

what is that sound?

OH! now i can hear too
it is a heart that beats!!!!!


Oh! Welcome!!!!


Hey Past I am alive!!!!!


I worry about my past
not that he has anything special
what worries me are those that I left behind

And i think with myself
It is me that i am always running and not walking
or were their choice and not mine that made us so apart


And make it all only a Past…..


anyway….they are so far far away from me
hey nineteen…any memories?
the camping, super 8 videos, any birthdays?

The surf on Ipanema Beach, the Noscote to protect the sun
the chopp at Barril 1800, the friends
always the friends and no one of them so alive ….

Hey father, hey mother and the haunted house
With the mystic Pan, carved on my balcony
not a man not a beast…causing me panic as he like

Damn i hate flutes…..

Hello my sweethearts… so many…
one in every party ~and the dances to involve~
driving at dawn to UP to the Cristo Redentor and down in cartsMirna ao vento de Guarujá!!!

I worry about my past
not that he has anything special
just He is….and just now i am aware

sad, empty and dead without me to remember


But Hey Past…I am Alive….


Enfleurage is an old process to extract the scent and soul of flowers.


he touched me with invisible hands
and sniffed me from far away
as i was a bouquet of flowers
as i was a scent ~ intense~in a garden

i walked carelessly dressed with the trees
inside the green and dark
clouded and safe
he stopped me as he swirled around me

and all my leafs were shaken
a whirlwind of green and dark blue
was coming out of me
i was a simple glossy leaf

Again, just to remember…..

he ask me ~just one drop from yours body~
~it is all i need to go away~
and lifted up his nose
resting already on my chest

I opened my flower and i gave to him one petal
when one single drop rolled down of my breast
smelling of fear ~ smelling of love~
he save it on your tongue and no more to say
he just swirled again and left me away

from my garden…from my scent….