Hey Past I am alive!!!!!


I worry about my past
not that he has anything special
what worries me are those that I left behind

And i think with myself
It is me that i am always running and not walking
or were their choice and not mine that made us so apart


And make it all only a Past…..


anyway….they are so far far away from me
hey nineteen…any memories?
the camping, super 8 videos, any birthdays?

The surf on Ipanema Beach, the Noscote to protect the sun
the chopp at Barril 1800, the friends
always the friends and no one of them so alive ….

Hey father, hey mother and the haunted house
With the mystic Pan, carved on my balcony
not a man not a beast…causing me panic as he like

Damn i hate flutes…..

Hello my sweethearts… so many…
one in every party ~and the dances to involve~
driving at dawn to UP to the Cristo Redentor and down in cartsMirna ao vento de Guarujá!!!

I worry about my past
not that he has anything special
just He is….and just now i am aware

sad, empty and dead without me to remember


But Hey Past…I am Alive….

8 thoughts on “Hey Past I am alive!!!!!

  1. A very lovely poignancy to say the least… where has all of the time gone? It is somewhere with our memories perhaps… playing hide n seek with us… and we are “it”!


    • I really dont know Baby…but “He” is around….haunted us and sometimes make us fool ….I think we are a sum of the past but first and always a greater force that urges us to the best future ….To the Past….just one minute….


  2. So much could be conveyed philosophically here on the subject of the past and the perception of time itself. However, the poetic sensibility is almost unique in presentation, and it can only come from a truly poetic spirit fettered only, and most importantly and ironically by her past to make such an expression. Mirna, the wonderful thing about your poetry is in its diversity-I never have any idea what is coming next. Yet, the spirit of love is in each one. Most poets, myself included, tend to write in (a) circumscribed area(s). This could take us to another level of discussion about the center of things. Perhaps, another time. Wonderful sentiments and exposition, Mirna. You are an authentically inspired poet!-Misha Allport-Fortaleza, Brasil

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  3. After reading the first post today, I got to know that I am in an arena with a very quality stuff around (I think I have been here before).

    If you can go back in you memories (put aside the one’s that crippled you), and just reminisce the picture that you have got here.

    One day, the slow wind hit my face & I felt the pain..
    One day, the hurricane wind hit me & I started dancing with a wait for the rain. 🙂

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