Arrivals and Departures

arrivals and departures~ In the Departure Area~

i have a lot of goodbyes to do
so i have to put them all in a yellow pile

~ to simplify~

filling the space ~once so empty~
with a thousands of beckon and kisses


flying …flying in the air

until all that remains on me

will be a weariness to say goodbye


~In the Arrival Area ~

I have a package to finish too
has so many ribbons ~ ones over the others~
and a paper so bright,~ red and green~

ribbons…ribbons… lying down over the surprise
~cosmics~ and so perfectly rounded at the ends
filling the spaces once so empty

we are going filled of blue air
and something on my bosom that violently beats

I have a Dom Quixote to meet
and one Shakespeare to listen
i’ll not carry any armour or any book

just a heart that was only mine

what is that sound?

OH! now i can hear too
it is a heart that beats!!!!!


Oh! Welcome!!!!


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