The Winch!

Mirna winch

This time …. it has been hard
my inspiration left me naked
and I just write nonsense
It is a kind of silent’s punishment
my mind and soul just stopped
i think definitely …..

then I wonder … if I may ….
Since when my soul   is solidary  with my mind ? ?

they are opposite…. But now

just to mess with me …..
and they took  the heart too … poor heart….was also attacked ….
unfeeling heart … since when?
Since the beginning of the plot ….
i turn over myself
I get  sick …. cough , sneeze , have fever




I look at the ceiling ~desperately~

when all is lost



it’s true …. nothing gives me more inspiration than looking at the ceiling

mine is full of stars , planets , all blue , fluorescent ….
I pray to Sylvia , Dylan , Robert , Carlos
nothing ….. NOTHING!!!!
and I need to write …. they are crucifying me
They  have called me a winch  and this is bothering me
what kind of person is a winch ? ? ?
Surely not I


Anyway i am going…GOING…..before i lose the rest of my good mood
and tell all the story
Laying down on my bed looking my stars…..I never give up….
One day i’ll go back….body, mind and soul and finishes this conspiracy  at once….
meanwhile……I am a winch……

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