This morning my Poetry was drunk….


my poetry ~ a little drunken~

reading and  thinking on Bukowski
i dont know why….  my poetry never  comes from a bar….or a drink
She refuses and put me to sleep
but now She  comes numbed   ~HIC~



I just need a strong coffee at morning
a slice of bread ~a cream cheese~
and all remorse can wait….

a person passing by my memory
a caress ~if possible~
an invite…. a remembrance
…. to me to write…



using  my  round sunglasses
~at home ~  and an email in eyes  Titled
~If you leave me now ~
( I am not leaving no one) ~ i dont know how to explain that~



I sat…. a little dizzy…

pale face trembling hands
with my drunk poetry and
my dear Bukowsky in mind
and an invite to response

Is all that i need to write……


2 thoughts on “This morning my Poetry was drunk….

  1. Interesting departure, or better yet, a new twist to your poetic efforts. The visualiztion for me is in black and white which is always meaningful in nature. A new path Mirna or, perhaps,a temporary turnout from the highway-or neither of these perceptionS? In any case, I like it!-Mishka Allport-Fortaleza, Brasil


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