Have We Meet Each Other Before?


its does not matter your age
i can simply love you
at seventeen or seventy

at seventeen as a boy
and i’ll laugh from you
and teach you the sweetness of life

at seventy as a man
probably i would loved you
pausing your hands in my

there has a room between us
may you ask me why
is because ~where is the 30, 40 and 50~?

i read  about that and i saw this love
in a movie…so
i dont know anything how big love is

If yours are so so immense
as a lake…
if you can be the mirror over what happens

~inside my heart~

and all is equal
my love…your love…
strange and infinity


Have we meet each other




I ask you…. have i loved you one time…in my  life?
as the time pass by
together ….with a Changed Love?




does not matter

at seventeen or seventy

Is love anyway


One thought on “Have We Meet Each Other Before?

  1. I simply adore the ethereal and mystical mysteries herein, and it will float eternally within me, tickling and soothing my soul in some unknown way!-Misha Allport-Fortaleza, Brasil


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