What is Erotic? By Rubem Alves


”  No wonder that Adelia Prado said that “the soul is erotic.” They are wrong who think that  erotic is the body. The body is only erotic by the worlds by walking on it. Erotic does not walk according to the directions of the flesh. She lives in the interstices of words. There is no love that resists an fantasy empty body . An empty body fantasies is a dumb instrument, which does not leave any melody”.
Rubem Alves

4 thoughts on “What is Erotic? By Rubem Alves

  1. Interesting perspective …… I like your writing. My Word Press site is tinabrando.com

    Please drop by a read some of my modest renderings. I will be working my way through your numerous entries on Word Press!


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    • You can choose…full or empty …. I believe we are complete in a trinity … body, mind and soul;;;Where lack one gets the empty….
      Thanks for your comment Poet….


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