Drum to be heard

the drums chanting

labored by calloused hands

it doesnt know others sounds
but the deaf drumming of their longings

no one to hear…no one to understand

but men preparing yourself to battle
perfect circle and a numbing dancing,
an echo ~vibrating inside their chest~

courage  courage arousing

drum’s  rhythm it is ~the voice to be heard~

I had

A frightening vision when the spirit of war arrived
i was there at the beginning ~watching~
now, i paint myself with red and white
dancing around ~i am primitive~  I’ve always been


no one to hear… no one to understand

photojournalist Betty Press

photojournalist Betty Press

8 thoughts on “Drum to be heard

    • Hello
      The sound of the drums is for me the best sound…it announces dramatic things, something is about to unfold or occur….the rhythm, low and strong…Sometimes it is only your heart….
      Thank you so much for your comment…Best MM


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