Not Everything You Buy Fits

Not everything you buy fits
does not fit on the closet
or tightly on your baggage

does not fit in the car
and inside the freezer
OH! You cant get  the total pleasure

we are not able to
place in just   place out  ~to see~
~In~ does not match with style

And you still trying….

so much to save so much to keep

and you don ‘t know How to do to suit

no room within and a lot to squeeze

14 thoughts on “Not Everything You Buy Fits

  1. lol this one really makes me wonder what was going through ur mind when u wrote it i was watching an episode of Hannibal before when i read this one lol i shivered when i read freezer

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, nothing fits ..because you always wants more and more…. You have no place inside just out side….you don’t organize within … We are all superficial minds
    Thanks for your comments Poet….


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