Brown Eyes Can Hide

brown eyes ever  hide
swinging ~two ropes and one tire~
you can turn  be a crazy
a dreamer  rocking like that
and never more return to reality
brown eyes hide
all that  she can see
the sky ~ when she is a loft…high ~
the fresh air ~when she is back…down~
nothing makes difference at all My brown eyes
the only fight is 
brown eyes still can hide?



I think this poem fits all love in world…the good and the bad in a relationship….I think…but i dont know for sure…


Enfleurage is an old process to extract the scent and soul of flowers.


he touched me with invisible hands
and sniffed me from far away
as i was a bouquet of flowers
as i was a scent ~ intense~in a garden

i walked carelessly dressed with the trees
inside the green and dark
clouded and safe
he stopped me as he swirled around me

and all my leafs were shaken
a whirlwind of green and dark blue
was coming out of me
i was a simple glossy leaf

Again, just to remember…..

he ask me ~just one drop from yours body~
~it is all i need to go away~
and lifted up his nose
resting already on my chest

I opened my flower and i gave to him one petal
when one single drop rolled down of my breast
smelling of fear ~ smelling of love~
he save it on…

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Six silver strings and It is not BB King….

It is something that remains

six silver string to broke my sleep

Singing ~I am safe~

Echoes  the tunes to me

by his hands ~inside the guitar box~

His voice resounded  ~i stumble on  my memory  ~

I Am the Queen…I am the Child Queen!

I should have strength to open my eyes and see

Even hurting me ~ I am so, so alone~

But i know what love is ~I remember~

six silver string playing to me
and i know that it is not BB King
It Is  Him the sweet voice chanting for me

To my friend, singer, composer, artist, Robin Thomas Quinn and his beautiful mum.