Tim Tim!!!!!

i pass along my lines
built with words …tortuous

not walking by… but as water in a pipe
that is how my nature goes by

i pass so so fluid that no one notice me
it is simply my way to be, or i try


put me to freeze, please …it is a Chablis

As I am  as liquid and a tube to conduct me
even when my words are crooked

so  it is that way that i write

maybe the way i am
so so sorry by … Mr and Ms …

i did not know, but i have to fade in that way
even when i have a feast on my table

and i did not know, but people have to celebrate

so ~ i sat down, alone~ with silver and crystal’s vision
pouring the white wine

to mix and make me alone
one time more

what a taste Mr.
What a flavour Ms.

So, so sorry

The Orange Tree…

i thought she would not get in my memory
but there She is…. the remembering of my Orange Tree

when i was green and free ~ inside ~
and i used to sit down below her sinous feet

all that is fresh and good came out from my Orange Tree
the smell , the open form, the way how She moves up on the hill
almost playing with me… helped by the wind to give more grace
and my enchanted eyes to applaud

~such purity~

you can watch when you are ready
a pause inside and the most beautiful show ~could start~
one branch, sometimes touch your face
a glitter, thousands of sparkles
a caress if you dare to feel it
all scents in the world involves
you flooding you
if you dare ~to plunge~

~such rebirth~

All this comes from my Orange Tree…
green , tall and whatever you expect
and all changes ~ for you and around you~

the mysterious scent the magnificent ballet
a feast to any soul… if you want and stop there to feel
to fill you of faith …on men…on humanity ….on your own  God

It is just a tree….but you just right now….have yours
inside your living roommy orange tree

To me it is just my memory of one special
Orange Tree….