The Witch

Now i know…. after read and reread the messages
I discovered that my fear is to be rejected

Not dont to be loved. But Rejection.
In many ways…
You know that first of me …
you raised the veil … The veil of Isis

I think i fear too much in life
the darkness with silence
where i can see and hear
the place they want to lure me

I am a damned machine
A Damned X ray machine
that never was awake for this
that never could accept it

But always running

I can predict the future of them
i can see what they did
And what they really want
the lies, the hate….
when they are gentle

and i can understand why

But it is a cursed life
stare your son on his eyes and see
what is the next step or how to flee
inside a boyfriend`s eyes
and see the tiny light, trembling
with weak efforts

They say I am your friend
and the machine starts
to pull out the truth

Featured image

I Know … secretly … but i cant tell
and i can`t believe on me
If i believe i`ll never love anyone anymore
on this beautiful world
Because it is… And that sounds so huge above me

This is a perfect World Poetess

but my love is short
and when happens it opens
a wounds on others
my vision is long
my mouth always closed

I just need close my eyes

after all this vision that you gave me
and dont see anymore from anyone
and knowing from the deep of my heart
that i am a damned witch

15 thoughts on “The Witch

  1. Love the photo Mirna ! Sorry I have not been commenting recently, just overwhelmed with everything at the moment. I love your words in this post. Straight from your heart. I hope today is good to you. Hugs. Ralph xox ❤


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