Baby Fish River – Chapter Two

Baby Fish RiverAs he born –


I had a good life at this time …. A good house , my library with almost one thousand titles,  a garden and a special fireplace…. Beautiful and so huge as a in castle place…. I don’t know why i always loved the fireplace i think it is cozy…. As i never had someone by my side…. Yes i was  a solitaire man. A scientist and a observer of life and people. Taking my notes all the chance i had. For what? I don’t know. Maybe to be here, writing again.

I  cant give  more  details   about the time or the real place, where we lived , the real names, the city… because some peoples still are alive.  I hope you understand…. All you have to know is was a long time ago and in a place without resources as we know on this times …. Farmers and home maid and kids playing in that dusted road.

I’ve heard about my neighbor pregnancy …. People talk about that on the old gas station a bar open all night long. The  only place to talk, find friends and drink a  good local beer to  refresh for the sun…  They said She was expecting 3 or 4 babies …. The doctor  had heard the characteristic  sound of four heart  and affirmed…Yes they are four…

I knew her… When she passed in front my farmer  riding a horse every day as crazy woman as a Amazon…. With leathers, hat and a big smile freely  to all to see as  she were a man…

Well,  the last two months  i did not see her anymore and i thought was because she is  on  at advancing stage.. by this days at the end or at the new beginning.  Anyway i did not care…. I was  an intruder, a traveler an observer  just that… Never interfering just observing… I was a scientist a searcher for news species …. That give me pleasure!  The study, how  the social implications of a new species or the cause of their destruction impairs the environment . How can i  fix it…. I was a man trying to define  and why not to say bring a certain balance at this land and i worked very hard during all my life with my research …. But there again, it is not important….

What its important to say that was a place very very strange. A place where some families were  very religious and they had unfounded and irrational superstition….. Was very common to see in each ranch a traditional and old tree… In the front of the yard….

the more oldest the tree the more important the family and respected  they were.. I am not mentioned about money although all the families there were  wealthy. No, what really mattered was the name, the tradition given by the ancient tree. Who  came first, who fulfilled the doctrine believed as divine authority…..Who produce the “best fruit” . So we’ll see my friend, we’ll see….

And when he birthed they asked themselves… Who failed? Who has not realized the duties? Who deserves such anomaly?

And alienated of all questions and terror He came to the world.  In all that downpour. Soaking the bad, the Ipê floor, in waves, water springing up from the mother as a uninterrupted source. I  had to run out  from the room  to  try catch the water baby…. He was thrown with such  and indefinable force out of the room as if  he were surfing on a big wave.

They don’t told me.  I was there…. I saw  the baby birth and i remember very well…



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