Baby Fish River

Baby Fish RiverIt is a new attempt to go ahead, to change, to draw strength from inside. Please forgive me my cruel imagination and my grammatical errors. 

Prologue to a Freak – Chapter One

He birthed  swimming in water,  literally ,  from  4 placenta … They were  in four … But just one lived….  the people who as there , witnessing the birth  they said  he chewed the others 3 fetus . He ate his brothers to survive inside the mother’s womb.

He had to take place of his brothers. That was his nature. He need to stay alive to plant a new species around us. What is the new about this? None. All the time nature change, transform, give birth to strange lives. And we do not care. I care . As a scientist i care….

They don’t know  how to explain years ago and until now … or forgot or they were forced to forget and just accepted the reality… As i did.

My opinion?  Maybe  he  just needed more room to grow. But in the deep of my heart i had a theory…. About involution not evolution of species. I have some wrote on my notes i just have to find….

He was never a freak to me as he was for his mother, father and the world outside …. Was not his fault… no, no, no…. Someone had a extra pair of chromosomes to share, to interfere in the evolution of species. He just was there, close   as I in that memorable incident….

Was not  Darwin that said ” It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most susceptible to changes” ? Ok guys i am a fan of Darwin… If he is still alive that would be the definite evidences from his statements…
This boy skipped the evolutionary scale in several generations and managed a mutation …. Born from his  brothers using the others 3 different placentas  to organize, to evolve and to freak us out….. Until  these days ….

I bet you never heard about this in your life…. I bet my heart, my name and what left of me…..

The  fact is :  since he was born  he is called Baby Fish. A torment name to carry on his entire life … I always thought like that.   A boulder, a sin on his shoulders until he dies …..

The  family wanted to hide this story because they think it was a freak story and it is…. But i was there and i did my notes.  I can say;  ancient notes… Very and truly…..And maybe, just maybe i can clear all this things and honor his memory.

He was innocent from all accusations. He simply  fought hardly to live and followed the nature travel.
I dont know what happened with me to remember  after all …. Maybe because it is my latest days  in earth and now i don’t care anymore…. And i think he is not guilty from anything…. So i took my old note book, called my memory and started to write.

I’ve lost my job, my reputation my money all because i was there. And by chance …  Now… i really don’t care about me…. It is done…. If you want to read the real story just sit down and take a breath.  A long my friend and deep breath …. If you don’t agree or think i am a liar just close these notes.  They are only notes from a old man…. There is why i started the story in that way to give you a chance to not read it at all… Just judge me as a crazy man and close it…..

6 thoughts on “Baby Fish River

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    • I am here without words. Thank you so much for your attention and tenderness. What means to me….. It is simply fantastic this feeling. I dont know how to explain. Thanks… 🙂 🙂


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