My brand new Blender!

Good Morning!
As the inspiration does not flow I decided to share with you my latest experience.

Finally i bought my new blender. It took me two years to buy it. Not for lack of money but for total oblivion. I Only remembered to buy it when I needed, And then I forgot it again as it was becoming a problem …

So i was  walking by Resende and  by chance I saw a Big poster: Blenders on Sale!
An huge emotion slammed into me … It’s my chance! I No longer could wait.
I come in  into the store, happy with my life! After all I would finally get my dreamed blender and forget all my forgetfulness!  All that once! Yes! Happy!

I chose the most beautiful, Black, Shiny, full of new functions, ,  including one  thing that caught my attention… a filter inside…. and of course forgetting that these one, they are the most difficult to handle with a larg  manual to read…. But that OH!  Only details….
My Blender finally at my reach!  Now i could make my juices again with orange and carrots. No more needed to use the complicated Processor….
The Processor is another story…. The problem with it is that i took so long time assembling and disassembling it that i lost the pleasure of tasting my juice….
Returning to the blender…

I went to the queue to make the payment …. The queue was huge. Also huge my lack of patience ….
In my time I discovered why the queue was so slow …. The cashier tried to sell the  extended warranty. And while you do not accept you could not leave….So you have just one chance to get out of there….
It is something i can’t understand… this warranty…. If the procudct is good what the reason for this insurance? Anyway…. I said YES! Yes I DO!!!!

The cachiert was happy and I could finally go home.
Happy life! With that big and heavy box, walking around the city …. It is winter here but with 33 Celsius degree!
I got home, unwrapped the blender. I Made plans …. Yes, I planned to return to drink  my morning’s juice …. What a joy!
I planned to use it on Sunday morning …. Today ….
That is me …. I cut the oranges into four pieces and the carrots too and i put all the fruits and vegetable inside the filter …. Well, it is small by the way … But no problem, I pushed it all at once .. … And I turned on …. Oh! It did not work …. Then I used my fave technique, with the  blender on i pushed all  with a spoon …..
The filter broke, mingling with my juice and spreading orange juice  at the wall.
Disappointment and sadness …. Tomorrow I will try to use  the  Extended warranty .my blender

7 thoughts on “My brand new Blender!

  1. The description of your enthusiasm to purchase a new blender, and the subsequent breakdown of the equipment, connects with me, and saddens me. Are you mechanically inclined, though? The situation will be replayed when the replacement blender arrives. I try to laugh at my kitchen appliances, especially when observing them in action: coughing, sputtering, gurgling, popping. How serious can I be about them, and that includes the vacuum cleaner. I have a feeling they all like it better when I show humor. They laugh at me. Turnaround is fair play.

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    • Oi! Hello !!!!
      These kitchen appliances, which should facilitate our mortal life, do not like me very much … At least at the beginning of our relationship but that over time they have no other alternative but to submit to my mistreatment. …
      I do not because i am BAD but for sheer lack of attention …. I think reading the manual is a waste of time …. And I’m already turning on to see the novelty in action .
      I have no longer a vacuum because the last time , they said to me that it sucked water and when I tried it burned immediately. The processor i even think on that ….It looks more like a Play Mobil ….
      I am in the stone age in my kitchen …. 🙂

      Good to know about you… 🙂 🙂


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