Búzios Bay

tonight the tide is so, so  low
and  i , numbed by the silence
by that comes and goes


so dull and shallow

less than the moves of the waves
it is  one soft  touch, a rustle in my year

in my senses!

sliding over the grains of the sand
all in the beach was   dead and quiet
I did not dare to  move as we were patners tonight

as we were salty and predictable

low tide, flood tide….

I just ventured  to  inhale the woody perfum

a scent of solitude it was  allowed

not just to me

but to us

there, in that moment….

as my heart aches  one Big  Sky

appears to me
Gorgeous !
but unchanged as it is my will

in that night, in that Bay
just across the stillness of the world
and an anarchic glow in the sky

I could remember you

But It is  summer night in Búzios Bay

Buzios night

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