A Toast! TIM TIM!!!

This year was amazing …. I had more time to experience deepy all of you … All yours skills they left mark on me … The photographers, poets, those who draw, writers, maniac of movies. All passed through my heart … I think I was more receptive and it was great for me … Often, when I wrote, it was based on the work of you … Even when I was doing my hats you were my inspiration. … I improve myself. I became a better poet.
Of my new friends I have to stand out Sudhir Suvarna from Suvarna Adventures and Enric from SketchUniverse. I do not know how to express my gratitude. Enric has a  immense good humor and enviable culture. Sudhir has a strong presence and he is a  great counselor …. They are two special ones for me … Just check it out!!!!
To the old friends that  already know me and also know of my irreverence; thank you for your patience and support. I think this year i was more calm… is it not? It is because i was not in love…. Well, It is not so easy to explain he… he ..he… We have to wait the next year… 🙂 🙂

This Christmas (after many Christmases) will be good. I think it will extend to the next year, as a good and pleasant memory …. It will not be just a date, it will be more than that. I’ll be with my sons, not all together at Christmas dinner, but we all in peace . It was very difficult to get it. A long walk … But as i never give up to belive or to fight , now I have my reward.
To all of you, I wish the same. For all of us that never give up in life… A toast… TIM TIMA Toast
A big kiss… Poetheart!

The Dragon Loyalty Award

I ‘ve been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award…

I am very happy not only for be indicated  by my friend seeingthewhisper from http://seeingthewhisper.wordpress.com  as finally i’ll meet again my friend Dragon…. I love dragons.  Really… They end with the feast of the princesses. Princesses are very boring and out of reality…. They  also kills (when writers allow)


the proud princes and starts  a real wild party…. They are majestic and loyal friends of my imagination….
So having as host my friend and the Dragon Loyalty as award i must fulfil the protocol…

7 Interestings things about me….

  1. I am very fast…. Because my mind  dont stop. They say i have a “nervous energy” that consumes me…. I think they are right…
  2. I am emotional but something happened with me and i cant cry as before…. But i cry with injustice…
  3. I love to do my work…. I am a craftswoman…. I make hats (milinery) and whatever you need….
  4. I love to write my poems and watch movies
  5. I walk everyday and i  climb moutains as no one 🙂 🙂
  6. I am adventurous and sometimes i dont get along very well…. But it is life….

7. I cant sleep properly and i found out why…. my bed is haunted…. Anyone out there could help me?

My nominees are:

  1. Ralph from http://bluefishway.com   to have fun
  2. https://poemialaurel.wordpress.com/  Spanish Poetry
  3. Enric from https://sketchuniverse.wordpress.com/   Pure culture
  4. Sudhir  from https://suvarnaventures.wordpress.com  How to live good, comportamental
  5. Georgia Platts from http://broadblogs.com/   psicology of woman
  6. https://maverickmist.wordpress.com/  Photography

Thank to you all my friends.

One Dewy Kiss

Dew kiss

He looked at me … I do not know for sure but it seemed like that ….

Eyes that are not eyes
That’s what I see when I close mine

And he comes to see me closer and to talk to me, but introduce herself without saying his name.

I know his name … By the scarcity of my sense of reality, my imagination has to complete the full details.

The Heights, the hair’s colors, the soft hands … so can not be entirely the true. One story without truths is doomed to failure….
I am not the same, sorry …. I forget sometimes….
The use of my five senses … they are blurry , working against each other . They simply changed without permission…

The taste is smell, the touch is sight, the hearing is memory and the kiss. OH! The kiss It is like well dewy light rain falling on our face.
I think that dew’s Kiss is for who are far away. A kiss that does not exist. For someone that is adrift in the world. But it makes me sad anyway. And the sadness is almost invisible, pale, as I try to put it on paper. I make an effort to hold you but my words are shallow, so shallow. And so it fades, fades and you’re gone. Alone … in slow steps getting lost in the mists of your own  path.