The Dragon Loyalty Award

I ‘ve been nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award…

I am very happy not only for be indicated  by my friend seeingthewhisper from  as finally i’ll meet again my friend Dragon…. I love dragons.  Really… They end with the feast of the princesses. Princesses are very boring and out of reality…. They  also kills (when writers allow)


the proud princes and starts  a real wild party…. They are majestic and loyal friends of my imagination….
So having as host my friend and the Dragon Loyalty as award i must fulfil the protocol…

7 Interestings things about me….

  1. I am very fast…. Because my mind  dont stop. They say i have a “nervous energy” that consumes me…. I think they are right…
  2. I am emotional but something happened with me and i cant cry as before…. But i cry with injustice…
  3. I love to do my work…. I am a craftswoman…. I make hats (milinery) and whatever you need….
  4. I love to write my poems and watch movies
  5. I walk everyday and i  climb moutains as no one 🙂 🙂
  6. I am adventurous and sometimes i dont get along very well…. But it is life….

7. I cant sleep properly and i found out why…. my bed is haunted…. Anyone out there could help me?

My nominees are:

  1. Ralph from   to have fun
  2.  Spanish Poetry
  3. Enric from   Pure culture
  4. Sudhir  from  How to live good, comportamental
  5. Georgia Platts from   psicology of woman
  6.  Photography

Thank to you all my friends.

29 thoughts on “The Dragon Loyalty Award

  1. Oh my dearest you know to take out the best of the people around you. Remember that what I’m telling you its the same as it happens with the sea. All the things you throw, fast or late will return to you, and the merit, best or worst, it will be to you. I like the persons who mention the love. You’re a so nice person, and I can’t imagine how you could to behave if you fall in love, because then you would be like a true vulcano. I’m a fan of the fire but I don’t know if I would have enough endurance in front of the poetry from you as a lover. Anyway thanks so much for being there, in this moment I’m so moved to say anything more. Peace and love, my honey.

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  2. Oh wow ! A haunted bed ! That’s a new one to me. Tell the thing to go away in a very firm voice and tell it not to come back as you don’t want it there. Be strong and firm. My bed is not haunted. I have cats wanting to get in and out of the bed all night though. Oh boy ! 😀
    Big hug. Ralph 😀 ❤

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