A Toast! TIM TIM!!!

This year was amazing …. I had more time to experience deepy all of you … All yours skills they left mark on me … The photographers, poets, those who draw, writers, maniac of movies. All passed through my heart … I think I was more receptive and it was great for me … Often, when I wrote, it was based on the work of you … Even when I was doing my hats you were my inspiration. … I improve myself. I became a better poet.
Of my new friends I have to stand out Sudhir Suvarna from Suvarna Adventures and Enric from SketchUniverse. I do not know how to express my gratitude. Enric has a  immense good humor and enviable culture. Sudhir has a strong presence and he is a  great counselor …. They are two special ones for me … Just check it out!!!!
To the old friends that  already know me and also know of my irreverence; thank you for your patience and support. I think this year i was more calm… is it not? It is because i was not in love…. Well, It is not so easy to explain he… he ..he… We have to wait the next year… 🙂 🙂

This Christmas (after many Christmases) will be good. I think it will extend to the next year, as a good and pleasant memory …. It will not be just a date, it will be more than that. I’ll be with my sons, not all together at Christmas dinner, but we all in peace . It was very difficult to get it. A long walk … But as i never give up to belive or to fight , now I have my reward.
To all of you, I wish the same. For all of us that never give up in life… A toast… TIM TIMA Toast
A big kiss… Poetheart!

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