Medieval Love

I think it’s time to write

I think speak directly interfere in something more sublime.

Our silence. Our medieval melodic line.

We need to respect
The  pause … between our breaths.
Restoring the hearts to normal beats.
When possible! If possible!
So when we do not talk , when in silence and in solitude is allowed to us

an intense feeling….
inside the restlessness and the remembrance
ours minds flow loose.

All is revive! Sudenly!

And how we are simple, and naive, Love silently weaves its dominion over us.

But we do not know it.

We are concerned to hold tied the strong beats
and avoiding to listen the melodic sound
and avoiding to fell that little pain, that charm that have remained for so long.

Listen carrefully!

Those who fall in love, usually need to apologize for the long silence that is established between them. But the silence and solitude ennobles us . It is the pause and the slow pace that precede a high feeling.

If love can be in that way. Innocent and simple. I think we love each other!Picou,_Henri_Pierre_-_Romeo_and_Juliet

23 thoughts on “Medieval Love

  1. Hi Mirna, I am so glad that you felt the need to write because I do enjoy reading your prose. I connected to this a lot – recently – kind of by coincidence of a few different events and with some reflection – I was reminded how important, healthy and fun silence and just doing nothing can be. It is hard to shut down some time, but it is important for our souls sometimes to just be without any interference. Hope you have a super weekend. Love, Harlon

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  2. Hello Harlon! That is why i call this prose Medieval Love.
    They interfere so profoundly in our lives that is no longer allowed to us to love with silence and tranquility. We ended up desiring everything fast and love can not exist in that pace. The rhythm is not ours and it is not in our hands. This fast way living bring us a permanent unhappiness and dissastisfaction as well.
    We need to take a break and just let it be.
    Than you so much for your comment i simply loved. Love, Mirna


  3. I have learned that feelings can not exist isolated neither neutralized. I feel your reflection and your words, like a scratching and a caress at the same time. Oh teacher, thanks for your wisdom, I hope to increase my level of knowledge. No matter if this have to be in silence. Have a nice monday!

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