A Passenger says Goodbye!

Dear friends and poets
You should be following the news about my country , Brazil,  and may not understand very well. What is important for you to know that we are in a war. On the one hand the fascist and dictators and the media who have always controlled the country and in another side , my side,  those who wants democracy and all our constitutional rights guaranteed . It is an uphill struggle because they have all the media in favor of them. Just for you understand is like Fox, CNN,Time and CBS  together against you.
What we can do is go to the streets wearing the red color, to differentiate ourselves only, and keep the pressure on the Internet.
It is a war!
For this reason I have not written as I like.
My heart and my strength are in this fighting against these rich and defamatory media and this corrupt legislature.
I ask you to forgive me but I have not had time to visit your websites as i  like and read and view photos, poems that make me feel so well.
What to do …. I’m considered a power opponent of the now established as others too . But like all of you, I am patriotic, I love my country and I will do all I can to make   us free  from these  ruling class that does not want to give up their privileges  but just want to keep it in hands and explorer the simple  and poor people.

There is a possibility of them invade my Facebook or my blog. But remember whom I am and bandeira-brasil1not a fake person they will probably build.
With  all my heart!  Hope see you soon!


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