of the street level
searching around for my Uber

i ,barely, couldn’t see with my blurred eyes

hundreds of lost hand and …
I tough: I am totally drunk!
but it is not the time
to easily sight
what is unreal over my eyes

i was down , but they….
so easily gliding over the snow
 falling gradually
that i thought it was because
the empty spaces they had created
between them

It is proper for empty hands and empty hearts

those who are falling, those  are ready to fall off
they could see
they are not alone
but welcome

Who is beyond ,

hand in hand
under  the buildings  or the cities
they still have the hope
that you will fall too

drink of hell
Well !

I took my Uber, quickly

saving my poetheart!

because i am not so fearless
and i swore I am never drinking again!

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