It is a Bang!

having the title

but not having you anymore

It is a big Bang! Bum

I am not suffering anymore

because it is a big bang

And all people can see!

what can i desire more?

it is like a special music

bang, bang and uhmmm

the time is gone

you are in the middle of the desert

i am still … an ocean to thrive

i think the worst part in on me

it is ok….

“vrai” feelings are forever

a big Bang for you!gardener12


If an open umbrella

if something is open

it is an umbrella…  as you all do and know

i can choose sundry ideas and movements

can i open it? can i break it?

in many, so many pieces

because i had, i have so many options

 i choose to break it

to collect the pieces

it is more cooler for the soul and fun!

i bet tha this moment  i can win

from all  of you…

they are coloured, a miscellaneous of shapes

i can understand all of it

so easy to keep when falling over me

but not to forever, i know

but it is good…

i am used to it

 it fills me anyway, for seconds or milleseconds

i  prefer  to dash it into a little fractions

as into peaces they are

but i can achieve the  pain

the before pain….

it is like a commons rain

any color, any  predictable movement

i denied

the touch, the invisible is raining over


i destroy the umbrella and firmly believe

I do not  have other way

as addicted i am

pursuiting the rain

Do i have one chance?

such beautiful caos!