Freddy Krueger Bang day 6 napowrimo


i have no time to sleep
even to dream or have a nightmare
inside my head
has a knot of skeletal fractures

they talk with me and shake your bracelets
calls itself FreddySee-you-in-your-dreams-a-nightmare-on-elm-street-16217430-800-600
and whisper when i dare to fall
and bang bang i am in the floor

promising to me to turn into a Krueger flash
and another
BANG in my head
i open my eyes in suffering

~skeletal- bones~ shaking my bed
and the drums announcing FRED
make me terrified
in this painful and lonely nigh

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Reptile Heart day 5 napowrimo


Inspired by~
One Poet and  friend call me alligator. I think with myself, why not??? That is why we are poets……


~AReptile Heart~

beat slow and cold
inside my~ something~
what once was innocent and hot
transform itself in a torpid beast

A evolution of the species

i always knew that i was a reptile
changing colors and sharpening my claws
an alteration in my eyes
two colored orbits ~peppering ~

I spit ink to seduce
an introduction for their surrender
placid temptation in my colored lake
there ~exposed ~ in sunbathing

perfect tail and smooth paws
powering the desire to capture me
in a thrust of lust ~lips wandering through my mouth~
waiting~ patiently~ by the normal beat ….

of my reptile heart

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The Souls Collector!! Day 3 napowrimo


~His name was sang to the four winds~

I was so carelessly sitting on my rooftop
seeing all-stars with the green lens

was a noise not a voice
but I was resting there
without hearing it very well
and reluctant to follow it

What is that?

from my special place i saw
some starving apparition
coming out of their stones

not sure…

and i saw even covering my eyes
grey souls coming in my direction

tattered and guided by His desire

~He was there~

covered by night
chewing those five souls

My eyes was a mirror of those pains

i shouted!!! No….

but they only could hear
the sound of the night

and still ~ in a perverse way~

~His name is sung to the four winds~

the collector of souls

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He & She 2 day napowrimo


nenuferes. MonetHE..
wanted a sweet reek
of honey bee
succulent, yellow, bright in those insane nights

lost in that viscous, thick liquid

he delight yourself…alone
sniffing, deeply, licking softly

prolonging his painful heartbeat
so attractive and suddenly changing the color

mixed with a sense of inbred hate, frustration
addicted in a shell, stuck in a cage…..

but sweet at the end….


smelling as limonade
green, liquid, transparent

diving in dreams, in poetry and love
wrapped in ink, canvas, brushes
being alchemist trying to reach
the perfect damp ….the moist

the end

what that mix can be?

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Itatiaia National Park

This is the Pico das Agulhas Negras, 5th highest peak in Brazil, is located in the upper Itatiaia National Park, whose access is performed by Itamonte. The importance of this peak is a geological formation that is only found in the Massif Kola, Russia. The name comes from the black needles sharp rocks which have aspects of needles.

That is the place i use to walk and climb sometimes with my group of excursionists !!!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

The Mule!

mule-friends– Good Afternoon!
– Good Afternoon!
– your name please
– Ah!!!  Why do you want my name?
– is the protocol ( i saw smiles)
– But…..
– name please
– ok, my name is Mirna Morgan, now please could i pass my purchase, i`m in a rush, parked my car in a wrong place and has a guard watching me!!!
– Oh really, is he watching you or your car
– Ah i dont understand your question. My car of course
– yes, i know….. your car …..
– listen to me lady, what is the problem….. (i have a short fuse)
– oh nothing, nothing wrong
– Hum, of course has no problem i am here just for pay such things and go away. If you allow me of course……

In that moment, i started  to pay attention in that figure right in front on me.

She make a strange gesture with her mouth. Up and down, from right to left, like a ruminant. And I thought : yes,  really i have a mule right here in front of me. Trying to finish my day.

That movement starts to irritate me, . Very long and rhythmic. Insinuating that she rules my time. And i was in a rush.
I had come from the acupuncture and i will need go to bank.

My god almost 4 pm!!!!
The mule looked at me and felt my despair. I dont know but that gives to her such pleasure,,,,,,
My irritation increasing….. and for each item that passed by her a mocking gaze….
Oh i will kill her!
– ok, cash or credit card
– oh finally!  Credit card…..
– ah! we have a problem here!
– what!!!!!
– if you want the discount you have to subscribe…..
– no, no, no,,,,  i don’t want nothing, just go away. And i hope never go back here again!
– ok, say the  calm ruminant ….. ( i swear,  this time she laughed …) But ruminants don’t laugh …
I took my things quickly and ran to the car. Thinking in how  to exterminates mules in a quick way……

– Hey, Miss, hey!
Oh my God is  the guard!!!!
– yes i said, with landscape face ( my face of… Oh please let me go..)
– I know, sorry,  i parked in a wrong place, sorry, i am going away…..
– Are you ok Miss????
– yes, of course just in hurry….
– yes must be…..
At that moment, a moment of lucidity…. i suspected of myself….
a cold sweat trickled down my face…..
i passed my hands on my head and….
i had 5 needles stuck that I forgot to take off…..

OH My!

And the worst is …
the Mule was right…..