And because i know that time always deceives us

that it is never perfect because time  always fails with us

and, therefore, it is little, it is time, it is few

 that our words do not complete us

 our sight do not reach us

I to you, you to me

So… i am Lunar… I have to be

because i seek a pattern

 i need … The soundness of your look

that lies within our absence

and that fills each one of us with nothing


And because  you are Intention

You rule the seasons

sometimes warm me, sometimes you are my solitude….

 the little, the few, the nothing  you gave me

runs through the lunar cycle and back again to warm me  up

and i love you for that


It comes from a yellow embroidered tent, from closed curtains.
a weightless scent of olive oil. That twirls and fills the air.

Inside … a man of the desert. Nomadic nature, wise heart .

He is so tall and impressive with his almond eyes,with his almond smell…

The people outside waits and wants for one part of him.

The wise man, is reluctant.  He has afraid. He has died for it before and returned to improve the perfect dose …Not too much love, not too much apple…

Men dont accept high amounts of love .

The more he moves making his potion , more intoxicating he becomes. And the air around transformes itself in a irresistible scent.

He has to stop. He dont know but i know…

I am outside, with my potion in hands, that prevents me to attack him, so i am just watching how the people act. I feel the danger in the air.

He lives alone and in a thousand places to avoid people to follow him.
After all

He has the love potion .The power to cure the world.

i see men in ties, women in hysteria.
I heard cries and pleas.
and the wise man in gold appears

a sweet smile  on his lips

and the immediate future
I foresse

some tears dropping on his face….
just sealing his   fate

He released the scent of the love from his hand.

People started to act as crazy. They dont know who to love or who to desire….

who they will rip  in pieces

He remains stand and knowing that he failed

“Men dont deserve  high amounts of love”

I jumped to his side and said:

Not too much love, my love, not with too much loveMan of the desert and clever woman
and i released the scent of apple….

And the mob, maddened
remained at the middle of the way.
Undecided, hesitant.

And as quickly as possible. I took the bottle on his hand
impatient , as i am, I mixed the both and we inhaled the scent
and i shouted with joy
Now we are rich! we are rich!
And he did not understand until these days.

My Heart????

It is with a Blasé Air
cold and distant
that you must speaks to an empty heart

if you do not tells anything, no matter
if you goes by and not greets , he also did not notice you
if you not invited him to parties, he wont care less

You can be happy, be my guest
or unhappy in tears
you can be run over in front of …
or die in a newspaper headline

It is with a Blasé air
cold and distant
what you must wait of an empty heart

emptiness … because nothing is forever….
nothing does not exist, must does not persist
I exhale an old absence

and inhale deeply
and put a new one hole chuva_meteorosin place

I have to decide

if this heart is my or not….

A Passenger says Goodbye!

Dear friends and poets
You should be following the news about my country , Brazil,  and may not understand very well. What is important for you to know that we are in a war. On the one hand the fascist and dictators and the media who have always controlled the country and in another side , my side,  those who wants democracy and all our constitutional rights guaranteed . It is an uphill struggle because they have all the media in favor of them. Just for you understand is like Fox, CNN,Time and CBS  together against you.
What we can do is go to the streets wearing the red color, to differentiate ourselves only, and keep the pressure on the Internet.
It is a war!
For this reason I have not written as I like.
My heart and my strength are in this fighting against these rich and defamatory media and this corrupt legislature.
I ask you to forgive me but I have not had time to visit your websites as i  like and read and view photos, poems that make me feel so well.
What to do …. I’m considered a power opponent of the now established as others too . But like all of you, I am patriotic, I love my country and I will do all I can to make   us free  from these  ruling class that does not want to give up their privileges  but just want to keep it in hands and explorer the simple  and poor people.

There is a possibility of them invade my Facebook or my blog. But remember whom I am and bandeira-brasil1not a fake person they will probably build.
With  all my heart!  Hope see you soon!


Medieval Love

I think it’s time to write

I think speak directly interfere in something more sublime.

Our silence. Our medieval melodic line.

We need to respect
The  pause … between our breaths.
Restoring the hearts to normal beats.
When possible! If possible!
So when we do not talk , when in silence and in solitude is allowed to us

an intense feeling….
inside the restlessness and the remembrance
ours minds flow loose.

All is revive! Sudenly!

And how we are simple, and naive, Love silently weaves its dominion over us.

But we do not know it.

We are concerned to hold tied the strong beats
and avoiding to listen the melodic sound
and avoiding to fell that little pain, that charm that have remained for so long.

Listen carrefully!

Those who fall in love, usually need to apologize for the long silence that is established between them. But the silence and solitude ennobles us . It is the pause and the slow pace that precede a high feeling.

If love can be in that way. Innocent and simple. I think we love each other!Picou,_Henri_Pierre_-_Romeo_and_Juliet

Letter to Mr Dorian 2

Dear mr. Dorian
I think has been almost 4 years i did not write to you. Because you did not write to me in return!

As you are a dear friend and need to know how things is going here on earth
As the heaven it seems soft to you now and  Unfortunately earth is rough to me

(I love this word, the sound is so lengthy! Unfortunately!!!!)

As i need to talk with someone more  than you need to listen me
there we are again!


You have no place to go anyway  but into my wind head, be patiente!


How is heaven? Anyone there has names? Any God welcomed you? As you know  here,  we have several . Did you found your friends , family?
Down here everything seems just a deep blue, when i look to above. But they still are affirming that NO. That has more on the sky thant clouds, air and blue. Ok


On this letter i want to talk a little more about me. Is it important to you? Still? As i am not One but a multitude.
I am growing older and i dont like of that and i am thinking on change my face.

But who am I without my face or my laugh? My sideways glance it would not be possible and my kisses would be also hanging by wires. No! You’ll not like that.
They almost put me on the line.


Take a note. Now and here, the wires, they are important , powerful and invisible too.  Not just to mascarate our faces or bodies . You  can be what you want  but never what you really are.And we love it!

Unfortunately! you’ll never see the real expression of a sweet heart!

Do you remember the painting? Is the same my friend  just taking very  seriously.    It is something equivalent as a God . Your only option is say “YES” in adoration.

If you look as i do very carefully you’ll notice the strange movements and that something simply does not fit or is abnormal. But we are great hanging on our walls!

It can be  someone or something  invisible manipulating  us?  OH!   What a silly though isn’t it? How could be possible? We are so moderns, civilized  and cultured!

Dont think too much about it or worry  because  donw here we  dont give a damn!!! Sometimes  I think,   with myself “what most can be take for us” without realizing that we are  f…?

But we  have some positives things too. We are all equals and we wish the same things. Is a communism in reverse . We still do not have equal rights and access to all and private property is just a for a few. But we are happy in that way. It!s wonderful how we are originals.
We buy from  them. We Work  to them

and shop, chopp, chop!

But then comes the best part !!!!They say in several languages that is through love of toward others , learnead in a book , that we would regulate this transition. Interesting! Economy based in religion and faith!Oscar Wilde

I am thinking in moving to Papua-Guiné! It is true! They are real  civilized there.



. You are very popular here and i still love you so much but  sometimes i am confused with you and the creature. Sorry for that.  They grab me  when i am unnoticed and put me on the line. Dont worry…. I am the same, with the same heart and laugh and back to the beautiful caos.

I am going now. With love, forever



he is the master of my  time
old and fat with his  pirate hat

rolling over his bare feet
on gorgeous barrel of  Rum

one barrel … rolling through the rough sea

 the man the barrel and the waves

they are the symbol of the  time

a time that i cant understand

but i am here, living
and he is there counting, turning and laughing

I do not know what it means
he just sent me a vivid picture

he wants me to believe that he’s a cartoon
but he  is nothas been for so long.jpg

and   mercilessly he cast  an   enigma into  the time

But this has  been  for so long!


This has  been for so long!




Il est   l’un des poètes les plus brillants que je connais. Nous jouons Dracula dans mon château. Il faut vraiment aller sur son blog et vérifier. Il écrit en plusieurs langues pour tous les goûts. Merci Dracula !

Blog de Julio Jiménez

ou verre que j’offre à mirna en la remerciant vivement pour le château de dracula
et la salle du château de dracula et la cheminée de la salle du château de dracula
et le visage brésilien de braise
et le baiser de la douce mort
de braise
anagramme de baiser
anagramme de braise
anagramme de baiser
et cetera sans fin

quand le vampire avec un v majuscule
comme le v majuscule de la vie
passa pour elle
elle le fit entrer et ferma la porte
à deux tours comme une élection
le premier tour avec la clé de sol
le deuxième avec la clé du soleil

elle était hydrorange comme ange orange et comme orange orange
avec deux petites têtes oranges qui étaient deux soleils tournesols
et je vous le prouve sur le champ
🙂 🙂
et elle trouvait que le vampire était
très intéressant doux et vivant
et elle…

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My Reptil Heart aches !

Am I changing?
Oh! MY!
I am a reptile heart again!

so dry and empty
aching inside
waiting the victim to love and misguide

My words are gone?
So… i think in how to tear you apart

my heart is hard and insensible?
OH! how do i’ll start?
to kill you first or taste you alive?

Hum! My tongue runs through my lips
and saliva droplets just fall

Just wait darling!

Am i living without a sligth wire of love?
Love , that thing that could makes me more human?

Love that could help me to write again?
With my human  hands back and all the rest?

Am I ?

How you dare!

my first bite will boot up your neck out
and i will lick slowly your blood
absorving your strenght and all your talent
inside your bloodly flesh

Because Green Eyes, after you
I am rythmn in decay

i am meaninglesreptile green eyes
and babbling senseless words
as the crazy women in an asylum

But i am changing my love
and a weak rain falls on me

silver rain at day, troubled waters at night
At Night! At the Bay!
Green Eyes !

As i promissed to my friend and writer The Lonely Author , here i am, Back! Thank you  for the support!


A Toast! TIM TIM!!!

This year was amazing …. I had more time to experience deepy all of you … All yours skills they left mark on me … The photographers, poets, those who draw, writers, maniac of movies. All passed through my heart … I think I was more receptive and it was great for me … Often, when I wrote, it was based on the work of you … Even when I was doing my hats you were my inspiration. … I improve myself. I became a better poet.
Of my new friends I have to stand out Sudhir Suvarna from Suvarna Adventures and Enric from SketchUniverse. I do not know how to express my gratitude. Enric has a  immense good humor and enviable culture. Sudhir has a strong presence and he is a  great counselor …. They are two special ones for me … Just check it out!!!!
To the old friends that  already know me and also know of my irreverence; thank you for your patience and support. I think this year i was more calm… is it not? It is because i was not in love…. Well, It is not so easy to explain he… he ..he… We have to wait the next year… 🙂 🙂

This Christmas (after many Christmases) will be good. I think it will extend to the next year, as a good and pleasant memory …. It will not be just a date, it will be more than that. I’ll be with my sons, not all together at Christmas dinner, but we all in peace . It was very difficult to get it. A long walk … But as i never give up to belive or to fight , now I have my reward.
To all of you, I wish the same. For all of us that never give up in life… A toast… TIM TIMA Toast
A big kiss… Poetheart!