The Old Man

the angry man don’t say one single word
because has no one to hear him
maybe he don’t speak the vow  anymore
and simply gave up….

even the poets don’t remember to write about him
all pens fall in silence
all books are closed
in pages ~unfolding~  in blank

the effect  of so many desires…..

fall down the sheets from the shelf
they fly searching for others hands
to complete itself.. to write the verses
they missed the ink and the wet
needed for remembering

dropping in  autumn ~ as  petals  ~
felled by the indifference

~in response~

not even one sound…
when touching the ground

and as result….

the angry man old
slaughtered by the own silence

The wolf!

lobo uivando

I was trying to talk last night
fighting with the internet again
millions and millions in my front line
like marines landing in a traffic shore
I think i was the last
who picked up the signal
and he says to me
laughing and in good mood
is the moon
the full moon that attacks you
i ran to see above the view sky
angry i replied
i am not a wolf
that lay howling to the moon

But something strange
started to change
fur and claws
sharp teeth
and a big howl
just came out from me

Blue Moon!

~M Morgan~

i am so sad
to talk about you Blue Moom
someone took you from me
and now i have nothing to say about you
I had many beautiful things to express
When and how your Occurs
When You take place for me

But someone took you from me

Someone who do not know about us
Me and you and never know

When once in the
In a rare instant
The tingle of Turquoise
When i undo in love

But someone insisted in take you from me

And transform all my desires in pain
All your beauty in simple star
You are now inside me just like one astronomus study
I do not relate to you anymore
I do not depend on your influence over
you do not affect me in my nights  by nightsmoonlight_1395
Yours cyclical movement is  nothing  for me
My tide hid in the ocean

Now you are a betrayer Moon
intense, but your blue now  stain my cold soul
I was ready to dress my simple cloth
white, for you Impregnate me of bright
to show my demure body
Under your powerful Azure

All my madness That I’ll offer to you
My tears and weeps and caress
my wanton way for you transform
When you Appear just for me
Take place just for my love
Reach me for my sick pleasure
All that was gone

Because someone took you from me

Brave Men! ! ! ! day 23

iraq_warI like brave men
those who goes to war
and finally returned
dividing up with us their visions

I like angry men
that dispute their  honour and bravery
in a table of bar
sharing with us their strength

I like drunk men
that spit their stories and say obscene language
with your friends
separating the good slice with us,  their laughts

I like human men
that give all time
the best and the worst
and seal our hearts with a long kiss!