The Butt

Pigmalion and GalateaTo the Butt
everything belongs

your  discrete look

or your primitive  feelings

She is City, landscape, sculpture


She is there to be adored

the chaste man worship her in silence
the fearless man   whistles along the way
so nonchalantly
The intimacy of look

She  is the morning’s bread or the  elegant sandwich

It is longing that fills your  eyes

perfect in any color and  rounded shape
She has innocent forms

Proud when passing  through and when venerated
So, so sweet


7 Deadly Sins shrouded in secrecy

who idolizes her  loves more

much more

on her ,  rest your timid gaze
And without knowing why
arouse inside you memories


sweet spanking, pinching and biting

To the butt
everything belongs

your  discrete look

 your primitive  feelings

Carnivorous and strange tree!!!!

carnivorous flower

Carnivorous and beautiful flower

They are enormous and heavy....

They are enormous and heavy….

They grow near the ground and also in the high.

They grow near the ground and also in the high.

Beautiful is not????

Beautiful is not????

Look that fruits!!!

Look that fruits!!!

Sitting on a bench park  in the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, just waiting …. Suddenly I started to pay attention to what was happening in front of me and look what I found … A strange tree with beautiful flowers and carnivora.
I asked and nobody could answer my question … does anyone out there know the name??
Anyway the nature always amazing us….A gift on this heat day