Enfleurage is an old process to extract the scent and soul of flowers.


he touched me with invisible hands
and sniffed me from far away
as i was a bouquet of flowers
as i was a scent ~ intense~in a garden

i walked carelessly dressed with the trees
inside the green and dark
clouded and safe
he stopped me as he swirled around me

and all my leafs were shaken
a whirlwind of green and dark blue
was coming out of me
i was a simple glossy leaf

Again, just to remember…..

he ask me ~just one drop from yours body~
~it is all i need to go away~
and lifted up his nose
resting already on my chest

I opened my flower and i gave to him one petal
when one single drop rolled down of my breast
smelling of fear ~ smelling of love~
he save it on your tongue and no more to say
he just swirled again and left me away

from my garden…from my scent….




Two words!

A priest told me

that Latim is a  christian languageImage

a chill on my spine
so cold ….

My dearest friend  so worried

about religion

folded me in two

your always bold daughter

have heard the priest too
and now
she is taking her blue

But priest!

latim is a feast to my eyes!
and i used it only two times!

Benedictum Est? Oh! my daughter!

And Cris
my sweet friend

we have to keep stillness
as they say…
nothing like a forgiveness

for the blues drops in rain!