Capricious Moon

I turned the moon with my hands
so blue, so soft

I pressed her against my chest
feeling a ripple of love

suddenly ~she was no longer my moon~
became wane, with 2 silvered  tips to hurt meteto de estrelas
~scared~ i let her fall to the ground

the star-dust from my eyes,
made the way brighter

~bright blue and soft again~
then i hung up her on my ceiling
I played some stars
to adorn my dream
and went to sleep

capricious moon!!!!

Letter from a Poet to a diamond earring!

I hope I can answer  your letter correctly because Paul, I do not write more in Portuguese, so wherever you are aware that became his farewell letter in a poem.
So long after his memory had come back to me in prose
And you know I do not like prose.

Simply fell into my hands .

Your letter lies .

Appeared not know where. Perhaps to revive his memory long ago buried. Then in my poor lyrics , will now only my answer to your excuses.

Still dwells here some bruises!

I forgotten you completely. But, since you stubbornly returned I must replies to you. That’s my poem for you.

Letter from a poet to a diamond earring!

you gave me a Diamond Earing

so Beautiful and Bright

that night.

Why  get out with the

tall and blonde woman?

Its all right!

And the manager of Hotel

hold me so tight!

Hope you don’t mind !

And my diamond earing

shone in your room

not  so bright!

Back to the  hotel

you claim for my


I put my mask

and said, yes,

just  throw up on your face

once it  was  two  diamonds


You have to sleep on the



When the sunlight come

On airport , i was

without one single tear

just going to nowhere

that  was our love affair!


How about once was

a diamond earring

So bright!

But i want to know

all this years passed by and

i need

How did you went to

your chateau?.

Yes, how?

Because in

Dust was my heart  to


the diamond earrings

!once so BrightImage

And yes, i burned his passport! he he he!!!