My body not so ruined!

I can not….
besides me lies something bigger

~no pleasure, not love , nothing~
and hold me , and warms me
for a short period of time
~I do not just bang bang~

not anymore
Bang Bang is my name
sad that is not?
not so nice as well
in fact i am so near to death
that you can smell it
I ‘ve lived a good time
I danced with my frufru
I made my feet a ruin
I broke them all , one by one
not for the pleasure of the dance
but for the pleasure of pain
~and no one was watching ~
my feet are inviolate
for all to see
like my body
that the priest wanted to destroy
~and failed~

then I run
trying to keep my body
and my mind
stable and  in harmony

the the man in black more and more in a  ballet
i am so lonely with my body


My salt lagoon!

my sweet lagoonshhhhh
do not leave the little box

or zipper or unzipped anything

no one needs knows that you are in love
almost in your done


if they want know how you love
all that strange way
with flags, jeeps, wild drinks

oh and the dances!!!
alone, the cuts, the slips
Oh! My
keep it on the box, well closed

the time pass by you but you still remain the same
dancing alone
bits and bites coming from the ligths

silence and long crash
sometime a howling
your eyes out of orbit

and the obscene things
from obscene book of love

perpetuating your one single lover
with salt  indecent  walls memory
~in your lonely lagoon~
sinked  in your  little box bit by bit
silent and determined

in a unimaginable silence

Dare to Dream!

Give me your hands
and I’ll want more than caress
If you dare to dream
give me a hug
Oh! I’ll do more than a hug
Keep counting!
The enormous things that
i want to do with you!
Give me a kiss, Now!
and i want more, more than a kiss

Oh! What i want to do!
with your lips and tongue
inside your mouth
Absorbinb your saliva
and joking with your membrana
walk and walk
dance and dance
my tongue on yours
Even provoking a collapse
you are completely
lost, cant do anything.
Wants more?
Glue on me like I in you
and hold me
I’ll say to you dirty things
whispering and gasping
I know, you love !
Oh! give me your entire love
And i will do more than love to you
I will turn you inside out
and tell you words in portuguese
Just for you!
cross through your entire body
with my dance, OH!
I’ll get you wet and dry
at same time
And you’ll ask to yourself
one second just, is rain or wind

i went through you
inside you and so strong
You did not see
Accept that and dont want know why
All this gift is for me and for you
you dare dream with me
And showed to me your face

Oh! Count again! !

Dance With Me! day 7 naprowrimo


I cut my foot! 

i cut only in a delirious dance
and, then, opened a vein
my vessel of blood was contained
by an white unknown man

I was rewarded! 
with 2 points for remember
And 1 point in my soul
by the stranger
who stanched my blood
hold me and told me
you will never be real
in this lonely dance
dance with me!

Tango on

they try shut up indefinitely
voices for love
closed firmly
in a lies of box

No one could see inside
just the mellifluous air
that impregnates
the hearts

loves music offends
whom dont know what is it
something to be
cruelly laurels

and just you can smell
the tiny, little bay tree

love did again a dance
entwined with arms and legs
oh! the sound of a tango echoed
now the music is not for sad breaths

but for vigorous feet and soft hands