Please me ~make me dream~

slowly, Go ahead and cry
they are tears from ~water dreams~

that disband and disperse
while you sleep
i can hear it, from my side of
out of your dreams

they will come to a end
your soul you will feel light
Because tears never hurt
Tears wash!

you know how is this
last nigh was my turn
but mine ~ soaked my soul~
with sobs
~being more and more revealing~

I cant lie anymore!


if each time i remember him
you deeply dive on me
pretending to swim

in a place that is for you to cry….

So, Please me and
make me dream again

Blue Moon!

~M Morgan~

i am so sad
to talk about you Blue Moom
someone took you from me
and now i have nothing to say about you
I had many beautiful things to express
When and how your Occurs
When You take place for me

But someone took you from me

Someone who do not know about us
Me and you and never know

When once in the
In a rare instant
The tingle of Turquoise
When i undo in love

But someone insisted in take you from me

And transform all my desires in pain
All your beauty in simple star
You are now inside me just like one astronomus study
I do not relate to you anymore
I do not depend on your influence over
you do not affect me in my nights  by nightsmoonlight_1395
Yours cyclical movement is  nothing  for me
My tide hid in the ocean

Now you are a betrayer Moon
intense, but your blue now  stain my cold soul
I was ready to dress my simple cloth
white, for you Impregnate me of bright
to show my demure body
Under your powerful Azure

All my madness That I’ll offer to you
My tears and weeps and caress
my wanton way for you transform
When you Appear just for me
Take place just for my love
Reach me for my sick pleasure
All that was gone

Because someone took you from me

Dare to Dream!

Give me your hands
and I’ll want more than caress
If you dare to dream
give me a hug
Oh! I’ll do more than a hug
Keep counting!
The enormous things that
i want to do with you!
Give me a kiss, Now!
and i want more, more than a kiss

Oh! What i want to do!
with your lips and tongue
inside your mouth
Absorbinb your saliva
and joking with your membrana
walk and walk
dance and dance
my tongue on yours
Even provoking a collapse
you are completely
lost, cant do anything.
Wants more?
Glue on me like I in you
and hold me
I’ll say to you dirty things
whispering and gasping
I know, you love !
Oh! give me your entire love
And i will do more than love to you
I will turn you inside out
and tell you words in portuguese
Just for you!
cross through your entire body
with my dance, OH!
I’ll get you wet and dry
at same time
And you’ll ask to yourself
one second just, is rain or wind

i went through you
inside you and so strong
You did not see
Accept that and dont want know why
All this gift is for me and for you
you dare dream with me
And showed to me your face

Oh! Count again! !

Creator and Creature – Day 30

Lower my head
entwine my hair
in my face of marble

As you did

undress all my silks
and some cotton
kiss my neck

as you like

Do not touch me I remain
Lifeless there,

creator and creature


Image trace with your fingers
giving me life
the silhouette on my back
slowly and cautiously

Draw my form
with his hands and
take them to lips

I’m your dream
your  illusion
Created and now