Freddy Krueger Bang

i have no time to sleep
even to dream or have a nightmare
inside my head
has a knot of skeletal fractures

they talk with me and shake your bracelets
calls itself FreddySee-you-in-your-dreams-a-nightmare-on-elm-street-16217430-800-600
and whisper when i dare to fall
and bang bang i am in the floor

promising to me to turn into a Krueger flash
and another
BANG in my head
i open my eyes in suffering

~skeletal- bones~ shaking my bed
and the drums announcing FRED
make me terrified
in this painful and lonely nigh

Faddish harvest of Fall

when the season ~ fall comes ~
feel many hands over me
white hands
all kinds of fingers
searching for What?
has nothing more there

But ,
there, they are

I can stand up myself
and starry is my vision
i forgot the rusted chains

i see the dark hands
through of

white fluffy blossoms
reaping what they sowed

all that gray
troubled with that blue
dissolve itself in tears
Like the wane moon

as is above
is not as is below?

I feel many hands over me

 faddish harvest of Fall