The woman from the cold wind


blues eyes, green eyes
have so long that a cold wind frozen your face and closed your smiles

that i cant recognize you anymore

wide lips , wide laughs and sonorous

have so long you do not lose yourself~ away~
~like always we did ~remember?

 i cant hear you anymore

but i understand …

was something keen~ pointed~

snowy your soul ~white white ~

~inverno Janeso much pain in that color ~

 blowed and taking you along and alone

~petrifying you with all yours virtues~


and i , here, so lonely wondering….

where is the  hybrid  eyes~ the lips  and the laughs~

when the time changed and ask for….

Oh! You are the same You know?

Was just a frozen cold wind that passed by there…..

a winter in your soul

but finally

 blue and green eyes unfrozen again ….

To my Friend Jane Freitag Braun.

Happy Christmas!

I have traveled all paths . I have talked to all people . I was loved and i loved also. Some crazy people like me: men, women , friends, children. That is a good thing to think in this time
.I have some friends, lovers, family a good place to fall and i write because one poet made ​​me do that and i will never forget him .
People call me love,OH how sweet.
Invite me to strange travels offering me food and warmth and kisses and sex.
OH! I need that! That is good thought to have in this time .
Sometimes, when i am down has always a special person that pray for me and cover me with sweetness and pull me off of the well. That is a good man to have by your side.
I suffer when i write, tears on me all time but, my simplicity is always preserved by those who love me and that is a fantastic gift to have .
So, what is wrong? The bad people? The liers? No. Think about what you have, that is your gift on this special night! Happy Christmas to all and thanks for your patience.
natal Cristina2

A pain from one Dodo leaf poetess!

(I cried warm today
how repressed tears in a big dam.
I cried for you.

because you are not

in your Dodo’s ~ Leaf place~

in tears i am

in blue i search

words to make you happy)

The Doc wants to reduce you to a simple leaf

of course  he  dont know about the  importance

and  the incredible spirit

built in the branches of an old tree!

Came on Doc, say at once

Am i will die?

NO, no , no
do you know who I Am
I am  a Dodo Poetess

the last one, i am in extinction
numbers  could do not come to me
statistics  could not  rules me

Better you fix me and quickly

before the ornithologist comes after you

I need time to find  another Dodo

and do a lot of little Dodos too

Are you sad  now Doc?

worried? Sick?

OH! Must be !!! Bvery-funny-cartoon-dodo-bird-3d-renderingut
i have something for  you
A leaf print on the wind

for  your hard  heart

that beats in disorder
the delicacy of one Heather
that dissolves and sometimes burn

for stuffy nose and your lack of imagination
Some Dave in the Wood

or in the garden, 2 times a day!

for remembering something lost years ago
walk  just one time a week!

through the alleys At midnight hour
to   cry and to  sooth your soul

and remember…..
and for relief  a pain that comes from a  Dodo  Leaf Poetess?

What you can do Doc?

Oh! Please!

be reasonable

A piece of paper and a pinch of black   ink!

Blooming flowers of cherry trees!

cherry-blossom-You were among the flower of cherry trees
and you carried  me so lovingly

while the fragrance reached
transforms the  scent in remembrance

I still can not drink champagne
and champagne to  be
but a gulp, at once
in his honor, in a calyx

I already did!

Oh! But

I can be one Chablis!!!!

The other senses????
AH! should be around

forgotten on the same place

where bloomed the  Cherry Trees!