The rat and the piece of cheese! day 4 – napowrimo

gnawing me
tiny, tiny
as a mouse to a piece of cheese
small, insistently
inside me

as if I had
as if I’d blame
as if I was wrong…

there… aching…
trying to annoy me
not letting me sleep

gnawing me …
the rat and the piece of cheese
inside my chest

and Iam bursting
this feelings
here outside.Image

Fall Through

Alone. Are you on your chair. I came so carefully that you  cant hear me !

Behind you and taking  advantage from my vision.

And seeing all true. That come at once

You cut your hair and your neck  seems so perfect.

Carved stone, such perfection.


A book in your lap , neglect . The light of the window.

I cant see your face but i know that you are not here. You wait for nothing else  and craving for so much things.

Maybe that is the moment when you lose your strength.

But you can, Yes you can.

You that loved so much

Me,  I loved you for a thousand
and a thousand left you empty.

Maybe if you had tried once more.

The impossible hour.

The impossible poem.


But now, you can not.

And She exists and fulfill  all your dreams
All that i can see now, Just looking. Behind you.

I want give a step ahead but no. If i do that  i’ll kiss you.

And another million of kisses alone.

To me from you.

One more hole inside. A grief, another gift

And you cant hold it anymore, can you?

So, i stay with my view from you. That is just i can do . Before I

fall throughImage