My Reptil Heart aches !

Am I changing?
Oh! MY!
I am a reptile heart again!

so dry and empty
aching inside
waiting the victim to love and misguide

My words are gone?
So… i think in how to tear you apart

my heart is hard and insensible?
OH! how do i’ll start?
to kill you first or taste you alive?

Hum! My tongue runs through my lips
and saliva droplets just fall

Just wait darling!

Am i living without a sligth wire of love?
Love , that thing that could makes me more human?

Love that could help me to write again?
With my human  hands back and all the rest?

Am I ?

How you dare!

my first bite will boot up your neck out
and i will lick slowly your blood
absorving your strenght and all your talent
inside your bloodly flesh

Because Green Eyes, after you
I am rythmn in decay

i am meaninglesreptile green eyes
and babbling senseless words
as the crazy women in an asylum

But i am changing my love
and a weak rain falls on me

silver rain at day, troubled waters at night
At Night! At the Bay!
Green Eyes !

As i promissed to my friend and writer The Lonely Author , here i am, Back! Thank you  for the support!


The Grenadine Inside

GrenadineSome people, the mostly, they see all with blue lenses

I envy them….

I love the blue too you know

but i am unable to find my contact lens

As others do….

I am always banging my head

or stumbling and cursing

sad or feeling bad ~  Grenadine Color ~

slamming all doors as i was the angry wind


problems with the clearness too

i spend more than i can

i drink beer and i love sleep until later

I left people crazy with my silence

indifferent to people’s feeling

I am sarcastic, ironic


Alone in this world!


I pretend and i lie too

just to complete the story


this hole inside it is so big and dark

that sometimes i feel as it should swallow me

at once
and i’ll never get see the other’s blue

But then i envy all this, emerging from my color

i hit my head, i stumble, i curse

and sometimes, just sometimes

i open my heart

damned!!! It burns……

One Noisy Poem to a painful heart

i slammed the door

fleeting for them

cleck cleck cleck

{{{bam}}} {{{ bam}}}}
one click…. a- Ha…

I sat on my delicious chair

tinny sounds

ding ding ding

to every move

i closed the book

buff….so soft…


The crowd runs to me again

knocking knocking
toc toc toc…bum

I shouted
“Not Now”

my head aches


what is that sound?
not a sound but a rhythm
a trumpet, a trumpet on my mind
ratata…ratata….the poet is angry

Oh My God… that hurts….

everything hurts

deep in the poet’s heart

Now I am angry

losing my temper

and start to speak with myself
bla bla bla bla bla
walking as a crazy
clack clack…clacking

thinking…..having great ideas


I SHOUTED….please!!!!

just so i know
some moments in my life

when in pain….

they are a onomatopoeia

Arrivals and Departures

arrivals and departures~ In the Departure Area~

i have a lot of goodbyes to do
so i have to put them all in a yellow pile

~ to simplify~

filling the space ~once so empty~
with a thousands of beckon and kisses


flying …flying in the air

until all that remains on me

will be a weariness to say goodbye


~In the Arrival Area ~

I have a package to finish too
has so many ribbons ~ ones over the others~
and a paper so bright,~ red and green~

ribbons…ribbons… lying down over the surprise
~cosmics~ and so perfectly rounded at the ends
filling the spaces once so empty

we are going filled of blue air
and something on my bosom that violently beats

I have a Dom Quixote to meet
and one Shakespeare to listen
i’ll not carry any armour or any book

just a heart that was only mine

what is that sound?

OH! now i can hear too
it is a heart that beats!!!!!


Oh! Welcome!!!!


Lost words

Lost words

it seems i lost my words
cof cof, sorry …
they are hanging on a tree
and don’t matter which is the size

~the time ~

my words, my inspiration
they are leafs now
but not in autumn because they never fall on me
i see a flowering, red …beating….but not in my coeur
not in my heart, not falling down to me
just hovering over my head
Hello i am here….
cof cof

Cooking for you – day 4 napowrimo

cooking is love made visible

if I had to cooking for you
first I have to think of you

and make you special to me

but damn….expectations….

you will be my first special dish
in years…..

I would not get through the kitchen
there….oh! Just an excuse….

but i’ll be at the dining room
waiting for you….

i would open the door

with snacks and wine and one heart so tight

and a breath so contain displayed on my face

that you’ll smile….

and introduced you in my life….
and a beautiful table to delight

two candles, the old china
two glasses of wine

~ could be a Chablis~
the only one I like
as you i think….

I would ask you to choose the music
and maybe we dance

in a trance….

one of the 70 or 80


i dont know if is because you are so close to me

your scent… all is new in you…

i’ll poured so much salt,

because you are so beautiful on this suit
that the shrimp, will be cremated

i dont know….

better we dance and enjoy

this smoke…. could be our mist
fogged eyes, cold hands, touching for the first time
beating heart, blush on my face….


love for tonight it is not so bad is not?
salted and burned
not…not so bad

Reptile Heart day 5 napowrimo

Inspired by~
One Poet and  friend call me alligator. I think with myself, why not??? That is why we are poets……


~AReptile Heart~

beat slow and cold
inside my~ something~
what once was innocent and hot
transform itself in a torpid beast

A evolution of the species

i always knew that i was a reptile
changing colors and sharpening my claws
an alteration in my eyes
two colored orbits ~peppering ~

I spit ink to seduce
an introduction for their surrender
placid temptation in my colored lake
there ~exposed ~ in sunbathing

perfect tail and smooth paws
powering the desire to capture me
in a thrust of lust ~lips wandering through my mouth~
waiting~ patiently~ by the normal beat ….

of my reptile heart

something as dreary as the weather, as happy as the cold.

By Stan Petrovich


there they are
crackling on tv
to see, yet get no warmth from,
or is it so?
I get warmth from visionary manipulation
like you, so far away, yet so embodied in my heart;
let us go down to the sea;
let us ring in the New Year there;
let us be bold without even a touch together;
we can see the pelicans and terns,
squawking and mating freely.
the stars are bursting with faraway grief,
because they cannot see two pairs of eyes together,
squinting at them.Stars

Memory of Her!

That is a special poem from a loved friend O.M.

Thanks for the honour Poet!~


My tender heart speaketh to my mind aloft
‘Think of love till I am tender and soft’
My mind thinketh of all love past

And my heart beats, like my love last
I can remember her shy sweet call
A voice pristine lovelier than all
In it she calls to my hearts eyes
longingAnd than tears fall in my song of cries.
Tender and soft my heart beat
The memory of you, our love complete

Love of miles and miles

I traced thin lines in a sea  map

the distance between north and south
in coloured stains on a table
I  drowned

~the distance~
oh! infamous!  falls asleep on me

i am yellow you blue
on this sea chart called
love of miles and miles

the geography is on my heart
the stones, the sand, the ocean
all trembling together

~in my tiny heart~

can you  hear the sound?
tin tin tin

with my hands i created a wave

to suck me violently

a new route by reach you
had to

is there  where the journey depart~
so sorry – was a revolted sea-

i sank there

and all that was rested on me
sank also

i become a woman in blue again
taking  all to the deep

my love, my breast, my  last breath….
and one tiny heart
to the bottom

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