A brief inspiration

Museum Rodin.jpg1

i thought has lost my breath

as my inspiration~ all at once~

~in precious seconds~

words, words lost in time

i was longing for~ eat love~

for my breakfast… for my evenings

almost taking off my head

almost taking off my heart

throwing away…throwing away

in a very large dump

dump…dump… throwing me away

to forget…to forget myself

in that moment …of my suicide

you come to me

restoring the air on my lungs

still denuded of will

no air…no air…

and my inspiration arises

and bring back our ~heart breakfast~ at my mornings

bring back our ~body dinner~ for my evenings

The woman from the cold wind


blues eyes, green eyes
have so long that a cold wind frozen your face and closed your smiles

that i cant recognize you anymore

wide lips , wide laughs and sonorous

have so long you do not lose yourself~ away~
~like always we did ~remember?

 i cant hear you anymore

but i understand …

was something keen~ pointed~

snowy your soul ~white white ~

~inverno Janeso much pain in that color ~

 blowed and taking you along and alone

~petrifying you with all yours virtues~


and i , here, so lonely wondering….

where is the  hybrid  eyes~ the lips  and the laughs~

when the time changed and ask for….

Oh! You are the same You know?

Was just a frozen cold wind that passed by there…..

a winter in your soul

but finally

 blue and green eyes unfrozen again ….

To my Friend Jane Freitag Braun.

The three Marys

The three Marys

Macelamade a flowers bed
from macela that is the flower’s name

such perfume…..such calm…
coming from straw of once was a bud

~dust of the scent~

to rest the three and to Love too
they lay overcome by hope fatigue

that always would be some Mary

~to care~
the macela Bed

Flowers and tiredness

But…once..just once time
one of them sleeps ~ in secret~

on that hill of softness
with a man with a manhood

the second cradles her dreams
at her porch

the third was still catching….in the fields
no knowing nothing

and lands dreams again gives a warm lap
we are in earth..
whispered the wind….shhhhhhhhh

Who deserve the love of that only man?

The Mary that plant, the one that is waiting or the one who makes love…..

Author Notes

Field Macela is a plant that heals and soothes… widely used in pillows and mattresses here on Brazil.

The Bluebird Mountain!

when the man’s hope comes to us
all the rays of the life
lies by your side
to give you strenght and warmth

spirits of the blue mountainImage
appear, when the winter goes
to give you a name


a profhecy to mark and test him
your long way

he flies, walks and runs
at once, to fulfill your duty
become into a swirl of move
a bird, a magician , a man

we are apart of his history
because is a legend
of a man
and now a bluebird
in a blue mountain