Bubbles ~ inside my chest~

And the bubbles ~ still acting and doing your job~


with all their colors ~ reflected by the sun~

or not reflecting hardly anything


they are just tiny bubbles in a cauldron

~fleeting~ and sometimes useless
For Someone that see …They do that with a distant look or maybe because is beautiful to see and easy to flee
For me that blow it up and cast it in the air to everybody see

OH! No, they are  not indifferent feelings….it is despair
there was not a study for small and colorful bubbles…loose in the air


I think it  is because there is not time to sort them, measure them and finally label them….
So they are out there….Free and unknown
~thousands ~ inside my chest

Two women in a Tibetan House

In the history of Tibetan prayer flags is said that the Buddha recited a prayer and it was printed in the battle flags between two people. The peace was soon restored between them. The tradition of offering prayer flags in the wind was introduced into Tibet in the eighth by a disciple of the Buddha century.

Traditionally, the flags are raised outdoors so that the prayers are taken and “recited” by the wind over long distances.

they lived together wandering in the world
traveling, not knowing how to share

i think to myself
how things pass by me unnoticed

they sit in front of me …beggin me something
with blurry eyes, confused

i prefer to listen
the sound that comes from the little flags hanging
they are singing
they are praying
as the wind comes through them

A Tibetan Tradition……
Love, love, peace, peace

in home again…someone fingering on the piano
as the rain comes down and freeze the hearts
in that warm Tibetan house
so sad and just  me …ready to hearTibetan House


morador de ruathe seal , the law  and voice

sends without fear some strong words

The black, the dirty and the White “so niveous”
the tranny, the prostitute the drugged!

Sit on your porch and swing your sorrows

Dare and
look in your  fogged  window
your eyes already dead, since there is to much to life
misled someone, (do it good), when the other man beguile the stomach
cheats and Toast

a sip a dry ~instantly  bitter~

and A Grand Finale

Shared  for all of us

The black, the dirty

The tranny, the ………

White “so niveous”