The Lover

The Lover kissIt is soft and round
pink and smooth
sometimes exudes a perfume
some mouth
mouth of flowers
He draws in the air

touching ~even having a ghost   hands~

And he wonders

it is a woman’s sense
fooled by a  kiss in a glass
bottled in a bottle of perfume
It is silk!
And now he only wants stand there
between the anguish of seeing
but not being able to touch

It is soft and round
pink and smooth
beyond the window’s kiss

Brave Men! ! ! ! day 23

iraq_warI like brave men
those who goes to war
and finally returned
dividing up with us their visions

I like angry men
that dispute their  honour and bravery
in a table of bar
sharing with us their strength

I like drunk men
that spit their stories and say obscene language
with your friends
separating the good slice with us,  their laughts

I like human men
that give all time
the best and the worst
and seal our hearts with a long kiss!

Dare to Dream!

Give me your hands
and I’ll want more than caress
If you dare to dream
give me a hug
Oh! I’ll do more than a hug
Keep counting!
The enormous things that
i want to do with you!
Give me a kiss, Now!
and i want more, more than a kiss

Oh! What i want to do!
with your lips and tongue
inside your mouth
Absorbinb your saliva
and joking with your membrana
walk and walk
dance and dance
my tongue on yours
Even provoking a collapse
you are completely
lost, cant do anything.
Wants more?
Glue on me like I in you
and hold me
I’ll say to you dirty things
whispering and gasping
I know, you love !
Oh! give me your entire love
And i will do more than love to you
I will turn you inside out
and tell you words in portuguese
Just for you!
cross through your entire body
with my dance, OH!
I’ll get you wet and dry
at same time
And you’ll ask to yourself
one second just, is rain or wind

i went through you
inside you and so strong
You did not see
Accept that and dont want know why
All this gift is for me and for you
you dare dream with me
And showed to me your face

Oh! Count again! !

Creator and Creature – Day 30

Lower my head
entwine my hair
in my face of marble

As you did

undress all my silks
and some cotton
kiss my neck

as you like

Do not touch me I remain
Lifeless there,

creator and creature


Image trace with your fingers
giving me life
the silhouette on my back
slowly and cautiously

Draw my form
with his hands and
take them to lips

I’m your dream
your  illusion
Created and now