Hello Stranger ….


Foreign, Foreign ~They are announcing your Name~
you make me laugh
I make you blush ~ in response~Hello Stranger!
don’t worries sailor
we are sailing in the middle of sea and wind
and my kisses are the announcement of my departure
(when i write to a stranger) ….
maybe my kisses one day
crushed ~by the palm of your hands~
could become welcome
so i’ll keep making you blush
and you keep making me laugh

Rest In Peace! Day 14


Rest in Peace!
its a joke? ? ? Who knows?
I know, with all my diggings!

and the  shovel in my hands

Dead for thousands times
and no one single rest
So well buried but still



Sorry if i disappointed you!
this time with a bouquet of black flowers

between my palms
To put on your perfect grave!

Rest in peace!
ha, ha, ha