Dirty window

The tower

just one hight open window

broken and soiled by my breath

waiting for an apparition
invited by a ghost to sit down
~so i sit, and i listen~

no one words is spelled
by my mouth, trembling
~in  fear~

what do you want to say?
and the Ghost speak
~your heart so worn~ dusty by the time~
as if it was a thing, not a living beat

~your eyes in this place~ so dirty~
as if it was shattered window, not a living eyes

you must to pay…
Oh! you have  to pay…

~wrapped in silence , your soul~
dressing in rags , your body

~by  embrace the lie~

you must to pay…
Oh! you have  to pay…

~i come for you
because you are dead anyway

~my disdain is now~ complete~

i ran through the window
trying to break out the spell,
i drew quickly  hearts~ damp ~by my breath

i know, i know
a mere breath not a mere love

i know have no purpose
but still i do
a heart in a shattering glass



Please me ~make me dream~

slowly, Go ahead and cry
they are tears from ~water dreams~

that disband and disperse
while you sleep
i can hear it, from my side of
out of your dreams

they will come to a end
your soul you will feel light
Because tears never hurt
Tears wash!

you know how is this
last nigh was my turn
but mine ~ soaked my soul~
with sobs
~being more and more revealing~

I cant lie anymore!


if each time i remember him
you deeply dive on me
pretending to swim

in a place that is for you to cry….

So, Please me and
make me dream again

I am to cold for that!


i think was in a altar
that you eat my flesh
drink my blood too
like in a ritual

I am here
for you devastating my all
I am surrendering myself
to your words

be easily to me
Could you
dont make me Uh!
or begin for your AH!
Just pass over me
and all is ok

Do what you do of the best

eat me so gentle
love me so empty
that i could be your winter
the best i could feel

So, be cold with me
be no one with me
but be someone
You was  my love

be coldness
love that
i am too

i can come with that
but i am too cold for