Where lies are sweet!

in a pedestal
i rest
just for your pleasure
that you share with others too

snowflakes fall on me
are my memories
from the cold and the white
just what i have
in a petrified body
curious fingers, slip over me
on my  carved  heels
i feel the strength

a smooth heat…..

in my  sleepy remembrance


heat, heat….

trying to spell out from my frozen mouth


i no longer need to move

i can accept the loneliness

and be forgotten

so, when time is my enemy

pain  could join  to others pains

and enforce your power

petrified i   can forget

and just sleep forever

made out of marble

pain remembrance is most powerful that love…

let  me adormecida em mármorethere, lying down

in my niveous tomb
with the white and the cold
of fake snowflakes, inert
lying over  me

a place where lies are sweet….

A place to hide myself! day 16

i need a good place
could be anywhere
to hide myself

i dont know from who
but i have to run

something ugly, formless
i think can be the Boogeyman
return from my nights
wielding his sword !

Oh! Trying to keep me blind

He flies by air and use
fingers and claws

and before
He taste my blood
says:Image Hello, dud!~
suspiciously i answer to him
under his breath
Hello buddy!

But ( Shhhhhhhhh)

I need a good place
could be anywhere
to hide myself

Legend of Untrue! ~me and Unwritten Soul~

Comfort my soul
By listening the voice
Your softness so tender
But only just an old legend
A lie told in tales
I found and lost
In innocent mind
Once I remembered
But now I’ve forgotten
Let it burned, burned in time
A legend of untrue by you

How many sounds
One lie can be interpreted
For later have to be elucidated
In front your eyes

Too weak under your lies
Ashamed, i cry

Twist your lies
Around your tongue
Making words trapting smiles
With tricks hidden behind teeth
As much you say love me in a kiss
Fooled again for another myth
Perhaps fool is myself
Your lips are softest knife
Sharp enough cut my chest
Stealing my love away
After breaking my heart
Unreturned and wasted
Bruises marked, unhealed
And pains written in scars
Remind me a tale by you
About A legend of untrue

How many round
One lie can be recycled
For later have to be realised
In front your eyes

Ashamed, i cry
I was fooled
Not again

How many faces i skipped
To hide my all inside
from you and past
Not to awake
Blame you not
As fool is me to believe you
But you remembering my pain
Your forgiveness still remain
Just put me far distant
From another myth
Love in lies
To be told

Dont be my misery
Be now my mercy
Just forget me
For who i am
what i was
To you

Release me
From A Legend of Untrue
A myth in a kiss by you

………………………………….. …………………………………………. ………………..

Note: This is a write, a collaboration between me and Unwritten Soul
And a gift from him to me!