They GO for a walk

The keepers of secrets have memories to imprison

such is their sad condition

Such it is the obligation of the sun , to be  pale and weak, fanting behind the clouds

for the Ghosts…. When the  Ghosts …

They have to get a ride

droplets are falling , a little bit careful….  A tribute

for them … because they are going for a walk

They are going to breath

and I….

I am here …. trying desperately  to close the door and my only window

but the wind…. Ha!!!  He had to appear….. Throw me violently to the ground and they came , dancing in my eyes

A whisper

A trembling voice to a devastated body

Listen upthe collector of souls

Such is my sad condition

when they go to a walk …

When the prision is not enough






And because i know that time always deceives us

that it is never perfect because time  always fails with us

and, therefore, it is little, it is time, it is few

 that our words do not complete us

 our sight do not reach us

I to you, you to me

So… i am Lunar… I have to be

because i seek a pattern

 i need … The soundness of your look

that lies within our absence

and that fills each one of us with nothing


And because  you are Intention

You rule the seasons

sometimes warm me, sometimes you are my solitude….

 the little, the few, the nothing  you gave me

runs through the lunar cycle and back again to warm me  up

and i love you for that

Letter to Mr Dorian 2

Dear mr. Dorian
I think has been almost 4 years i did not write to you. Because you did not write to me in return!

As you are a dear friend and need to know how things is going here on earth
As the heaven it seems soft to you now and  Unfortunately earth is rough to me

(I love this word, the sound is so lengthy! Unfortunately!!!!)

As i need to talk with someone more  than you need to listen me
there we are again!


You have no place to go anyway  but into my wind head, be patiente!


How is heaven? Anyone there has names? Any God welcomed you? As you know  here,  we have several . Did you found your friends , family?
Down here everything seems just a deep blue, when i look to above. But they still are affirming that NO. That has more on the sky thant clouds, air and blue. Ok


On this letter i want to talk a little more about me. Is it important to you? Still? As i am not One but a multitude.
I am growing older and i dont like of that and i am thinking on change my face.

But who am I without my face or my laugh? My sideways glance it would not be possible and my kisses would be also hanging by wires. No! You’ll not like that.
They almost put me on the line.


Take a note. Now and here, the wires, they are important , powerful and invisible too.  Not just to mascarate our faces or bodies . You  can be what you want  but never what you really are.And we love it!

Unfortunately! you’ll never see the real expression of a sweet heart!

Do you remember the painting? Is the same my friend  just taking very  seriously.    It is something equivalent as a God . Your only option is say “YES” in adoration.

If you look as i do very carefully you’ll notice the strange movements and that something simply does not fit or is abnormal. But we are great hanging on our walls!

It can be  someone or something  invisible manipulating  us?  OH!   What a silly though isn’t it? How could be possible? We are so moderns, civilized  and cultured!

Dont think too much about it or worry  because  donw here we  dont give a damn!!! Sometimes  I think,   with myself “what most can be take for us” without realizing that we are  f…?

But we  have some positives things too. We are all equals and we wish the same things. Is a communism in reverse . We still do not have equal rights and access to all and private property is just a for a few. But we are happy in that way. It!s wonderful how we are originals.
We buy from  them. We Work  to them

and shop, chopp, chop!

But then comes the best part !!!!They say in several languages that is through love of toward others , learnead in a book , that we would regulate this transition. Interesting! Economy based in religion and faith!Oscar Wilde

I am thinking in moving to Papua-Guiné! It is true! They are real  civilized there.



. You are very popular here and i still love you so much but  sometimes i am confused with you and the creature. Sorry for that.  They grab me  when i am unnoticed and put me on the line. Dont worry…. I am the same, with the same heart and laugh and back to the beautiful caos.

I am going now. With love, forever



he is the master of my  time
old and fat with his  pirate hat

rolling over his bare feet
on gorgeous barrel of  Rum

one barrel … rolling through the rough sea

 the man the barrel and the waves

they are the symbol of the  time

a time that i cant understand

but i am here, living
and he is there counting, turning and laughing

I do not know what it means
he just sent me a vivid picture

he wants me to believe that he’s a cartoon
but he  is nothas been for so long.jpg

and   mercilessly he cast  an   enigma into  the time

But this has  been  for so long!


This has  been for so long!



Misplaced and Upside Down (Senses)


when I think  about all   around
comes to me a sweet smell in the air
so I do not think
I breathe
a few of you

a lump in my  throat , a  pain or  a longing
I used to flow it  into my  poems

~as formely~teto de estrelas
but you simply gone away
Hence … all this confusion

a wish, an absence, an image
comes to me through sounds
and I dance,

so I do not feel
I do not feel!
I just listen
a few of you

I’m here
hoping you to  restore
all this confusion
After all, everything has to go back to
their common place

Quickly… It is all upside down


Thinking and writing
at least

~ that i got from you~
but I could not keep
because your  absence bothers me

But the memories are still in the same place
working well
my grim love too
I guess….
and you? How are you?

My Ghost Love!

I was taking your image with me
from the beginning , so long…..
difficult to talk about you
I know you so “douce”

some ghosts appeared
said their names
but I did not believe
I heard only a slow death
for not being from you
and died in each satisfaction

and died in every word I knew it was not from you

I mistook the game
I spoke of love
and again was just ghosts
because your sweet slow death was over me
over and over

now my ghost love
that i tasted the cold reality
that comes from your stone
i am falling down
and touching your bare neck
again man alone

The Lizard

Lizard-Eye-HDnor needed to be so beautiful as well
or thin eyes
that comes with attraction redemptive

nor deserved kisses so dry
or drown you in my rivulet
like lizard ~resting your lips upon mine~

or away so away ~theres no needed to be~
where has not warm arms

~a jar ~

like my windows and doors
just covets hugs

bathed in the sun

as a lizard , with colors in disguise

resting you and me

Gate 53

Gate 53 now is closed
all tickets for sale
is now past

the man said!!!
perpendicular, she sit on the bench alone

a paper in her hands
waiting for  the next departure

transversely, she wants

run into  the Southern Cross
throughout her solitude that’s fit well

horizontally he arrives
silent, as if it were human
aren’t steel’s friction steps
but she knows are railways to go

malicious engineering
long curves …
~She, vertical ~He, erect~

119556_papel-de-parede-no-trilho-do-trem_1680x1050From afar, you can see
crumpled paper at the train station 53

Blooming flowers of cherry trees!

cherry-blossom-You were among the flower of cherry trees
and you carried  me so lovingly

while the fragrance reached
transforms the  scent in remembrance

I still can not drink champagne
and champagne to  be
but a gulp, at once
in his honor, in a calyx

I already did!

Oh! But

I can be one Chablis!!!!

The other senses????
AH! should be around

forgotten on the same place

where bloomed the  Cherry Trees!