If an open umbrella

if something is open

it is an umbrella…  as you all do and know

i can choose sundry ideas and movements

can i open it? can i break it?

in many, so many pieces

because i had, i have so many options

 i choose to break it

to collect the pieces

it is more cooler for the soul and fun!

i bet tha this moment  i can win

from all  of you…

they are coloured, a miscellaneous of shapes

i can understand all of it

so easy to keep when falling over me

but not to forever, i know

but it is good…

i am used to it

 it fills me anyway, for seconds or milleseconds

i  prefer  to dash it into a little fractions

as into peaces they are

but i can achieve the  pain

the before pain….

it is like a commons rain

any color, any  predictable movement

i denied

the touch, the invisible is raining over


i destroy the umbrella and firmly believe

I do not  have other way

as addicted i am

pursuiting the rain

Do i have one chance?

such beautiful caos!





~Thou ~


fearless is thy heart that rescued me
taking hold of me with fierce feelings

OH! Me

no stars or moon’s lighten
thou jumped on this very deep well
leaving your shade behind to be my guide

Oh! Thou

I ~love of mine~
followed what was cloudy on me
now i am crystalline  of your eyes

Oh! Me


thou art tiny clear trail
over me
And ~sweetly~ thou make me brightPicou,_Henri_Pierre_-_Romeo_and_Juliet

Oh! Thou



Confession of a corpse

Bodies piled
bruised tip fingers
~ burried~
lips opened in the empty
eyes misted
waiting the snow fall
for them to be forgotten

got rid of  others  bodies
but has grief in his soul
carries on his shoulders
the unbearable burden of my corpse
entrained are his steps
aching each bonehomem caminhando na neve

he goes so far
has no horizon to compare
how tall he was