L’Armata Brancaleone – Go Ahead!

the eminent war
remembering us
how is its bittersweet
a place where has no  one gain
just tears of Marie(s ) and Anne(s)

who is the winner,
Who cares?

people forget
that inside us
and really hidden
the monster lies

the man or woman
that prays in front the meal
OH! God! Bless us!!!!
Coming at sundays to the Church
The Book is your companion
Pray, is the salvation

Believe in My God
they shout
your neighbor, my friend
our sons
all following  peacefully the  way


But i have a gun
and is not for fun
and i want to see
the troops doing well
for my Country
and for my own peace

~Are you ready
for the funeral???

The same wind that blows here
unfortunatelly , blows there too

For my Flag and my blood
i pour the chalice of your life

That is why
i have one single certain
and a single belief
Poets and Poetry
That we are

Poetry Poet

changes all the world
all the wounds
even when we are so fragil
by our vanity

We took the pen
and pour the own blood
of our hearts and veins
in a single sheet
that changes us and change all

We can fill a thousands of  Red Croix Bus
same beat of  our heart
and instead the number line

or  L'armata de Brancaleone brancaleone_alle_crociate_vittorio_gassman_mario_monicelli_010_jpg_eebr

the direction to drive

Is write

~The Brancaleone Army  ~go ahead~

Thanks God!

Where i settled my heart!

you are a  watcher of your own story. You lie under a tree real or not ~ you can always choose ~ see the  good and evil, falling in drops on your face. And think that here under this tree would be a good place to settle down your heartcropped-pandora-box2.jpg

hovering upon me

a big Ash Tree

as i  lay down looking up

but ashes that drops on my face
dont bother me

but the trees always showing
the best path to go
i knowing
I am not good enough
for follow that incinerated vision

Just another heart burned
touching my face

dropping of the older branches

tardy, indolent

as ash must be ……

and all of them  were  there
picking and chosing

wishing for something that i had
the rest of greys
where  was my settled heart

with affliction or affection?


climbing the mountain
and the clock is showing
not tick tack but
the North
but on the top
I need the hours
with affliction! 

I shot some photos
the moments that i lost
Oh! the same path
now appear hours! 
On my compass
with affection! 

With affection or affliction? 
I am a little lost here! 

My clock does not regulate me more
(ka, ka, ka i think) 
My compass a little crazy
always putting me
into the ends on-line
the time and the direction
I go rising vertically and…
without affection

Oh! damn! 

I am now
1700 meters of height
Peak of Itatiaia
Here I see clearly
my time and direction
My friend tells me
and if was not for me
cardinal points i presume

I put my finger in my mouth
with a silly face
soak and well soaking, thinking
fingers into the wind
my geographic north or
my magnetic south
i just know

follow me! 

with affliction or affection? 


 (Foto: Rachel Takiya)