Where the poet ~IS~?

PAPEL(when the poet is going away

he is the victim of your own words)

Where is the poetry?
if the poet left it
if his words have become tired
much as he is
where is the love?
who lived in letters
between a poet and author
silent, mute

now threatens ~ tricked in the world~


weaving precious sounds
in your ear ~ the letters dancing ~
words that can be for anyone

loose, abandoned, there
rest your heart ~listening~


but the bard, the minstrel
had gone away

the words, the ballet
make sense just for him
and you pour tears
to enchanted more and more
your poetry


so where the poet ~is~?
crumpled sheet paper on the ground
careless steps and sadness
of one more unfinished poem

But not in your heart
is not?

Letters of Love between Poets!

On this days seems impossible

Letters of Love between Lovers!

letters of pure love

remarkable feelings

that capture our


in one single moment!


Oh! sorry! are you not poet?

Are you a man so worried?

or a woman so empty?


But the letters come and go

without your approval

or advertisement!

Yes, its exists!

Incredulous Perfects Humans!

Love captured in a unique moment

far away your expertise

and judgment.

Beyond this world

exist a brief to breath

I write and

he writes

we write.

and for you

so lonely and empty

i say,

attention in love words

it might transform you

and awake your sleepy heart.

Oh! Just

Hear the poets

the music that comes from them

read your words

Be fragile and cry

like i cry

but keeping reading

and you will die!

a sweet death
could  feed you heart.

That’s what poetry is

Poets and feeding souls


on the strange and

secrets fields